STP's BLOG 11/24/14 "Marshawn - Yeah"

I think this text sums up yesterday's Hawks game…

There was some of last year's magic yesterday. You could feel it. They got the chip back

What an awesome win! And what an awesome post game interview by Marshawn Lynch!

His "Yeah" answers inspired us to create a remix of a classic Collective Soul song…look out Ed Rowland…I think the band has a new lead singer!

Did you see what many are calling the greatest catch in NFL history? Rookie Odell Beckham Jr. from the Giants made an insane catch yesterday…check it out:

I call the catch "The Shocker" as he only needed three fingers to catch that ball… waka waka!

Finally… yesterday was the WWE's Survivor Series Pay Per View…and history happened as STING made his way into a WWE ring for the first time EVER. This is huge for us wrasslin' fans. It was a moment I won't forget…I only wish this would have happened closer to Sting's prime, but if last night was any indication…I am excited to see how he is used! This video might be gone by the time you read this blog…but here is the moment last night…

Here is another version of the video…in case the one above is pulled…the quality of this one is not great, but typically videos of people recording off their TV stick around longer!

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BJ'S BLOG 11/24/14 "The Befuddled Turkey"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:

Anyone, especially someone who has worked in radio as well as fans of pretty good TV, will remember the show WKRP in Cincinnati, which ran from 1978 until 1982. A classic episode was called "Turkeys Away." Mr. Carlson, AKA the Big Guy, decides to create a big Thanksgiving Day promotion. He gets a helicopter with a banner attached to it saying "Happy Thanksgiving from WKRP" and drops live turkeys from the helicopter. This obviously created a less than celebratory reaction on the ground as the turkeys plummeted earthward. A classic line from that show is uttered by Mr. Carlson who confesses he thought turkeys could fly.
This year another misguided effort related to Thanksgiving is taking place—a movement comprised of people against shopping on Thanksgiving, supposedly out of deference to employees who would have to work that day. While I totally agree with supporting the employees who want to stay home with their families, I'm pretty sure not all employees want that day off. I have worked for the hourly wage (which will go to $9 an hour on Jan 1 in Massachusetts, a raise from the current $8 an hour), and being one who would have missed the money by not being paid for a day, I worked. Many employers, especially in retail and hospitality, are open on holidays and conduct business as usual. Workers are expected to work holidays and are typically paid their normal pay rate, but it is pay they would not get staying home. Instead of a shopping "strike," the real focus should be on these workers getting paid and paid fairly.
Kmart offends me. Kmart will open at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day (if local blue laws don't prevent it) and remain open for 42 hours, meaning that many employees will have to come to work. The company says it tries to fill shifts with volunteers or seasonal hires, but workers report that the reality is very different. Kmart has said that any employee who doesn't come to work will be fired. If you were struggling to support a family or a student with a $100,000 loan to pay off, what would you do? You would work, and after Thanksgiving, deal with all the seasonal mayhem (or should I say turkey and ham?) that continues for employees on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and throughout the holidays that pad the pockets of the CEOs.
As for the protesters, I wonder how many of these non-shoppers will go to restaurants, buy gas, go to a movie, or pick up something at a convenience store on Thanksgiving? If they're going to avoid shopping, they should also refuse to patronize other establishments with, perhaps, the exception of mom and pop stores, each of which can choose to be open if these owners wish to work.
I don't know how to fix this situation, but while the protestor's heart is in the right place, I do know Joe and Mary Worker will have to work on Thanksgiving. Somehow companies like Kmart need to be brought down and retail workers need to be treated fairly, but I'm afraid this "Don't Shop on Thanksgiving" knee-jerk initiative won't do it. Like the elections, which attracted only 40% of voters, nothing will change with this effort and some, like a mom working to feed her children, might actually be hurt if they can't work.
There are more thoughts on this and other things on the shores of Rambling Harbor. Join me there and give the podcast a listen.
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BJ'S BLOG 11/2721/14 "Troll Websites"

Bill Cosby is facing a ton of accusations right now, but this blog post isn't specifically about the terrible allegations that he's dealing with in the media. I think that people all over the world are hoping that these matters will somehow be disproven to everyone's satisfaction. It's not looking so good in that department, but we do hate to see a revered comedy legend like Bill Cosby fall from grace, especially right out in the public eye like this.

Raven-Symone – who played Cosby's young daughter on TV – has been forced to step forward to deny the claim that she was molested by the comedian during their time on The Cosby Show. Why would she have to defend herself against this story? It's all because a so-called "parody" website circulated an article claiming that Symone was pursuing charges against Cosby, and that article went viral.

I find this completely disgusting, and offensive in every way; not only did these people jump on the horrific Cosby sexual assault bandwagon, but they invoked child molestation to improve their click-count. They have confused the real news cycle, and they hurt Raven-Symone, who had no relation to this case. I think we all know how long it takes for a fake news story to be disproven when it seems real, especially after it goes viral and makes the rounds on social media.

You want parody? Go read The Onion. This is way over the line, it's not funny, and it's just plain disgusting. We joke about a lot of taboo things around here, but this kind of nonsense is just beyond the pale.
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STP's BLOG 11/21/14 "# Grandmas vs. Mono Nick"

I'm sure by now you have all seen that video of the three grandmas getting stoned for the first time. If you haven't seen it, you can click HERE to watch it.

Since it was their fiurst time getting stoned…we figured we would conduct a similar experoiment…we had Mono-Nick NOT get stoned for the first time. Enjoy…

A comedian named Lauren O'Brien posted a great video where she impersonates 14 different celebrities…if they were stuck in traffic. The funniest ones are probably Drew Barrymore, The Olsen Twins, Kristen Stewart, and Miley Cyrus.

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STP's BLOG 11/20/14 "Anna Faris & Chris Pratt!"

Today was awesome…we had Anna Faris on the show, as there is a new episode of Mom tonight. Mom is one funny show…somehow they have taken a show about teen pregnancy, being a single mom, alcoholism, and even a gambling addiction…and turned it into a compelling funny show.

Anna is a Edmonds gal…and her husband Chris Pratt is a Lake Stevens guy…so when we started talking about the Seahawks, she handed the phone Chris Pratt because he wanted to talk Hawks and his dog too! How awesome is that!! I figure since we talked Hawks and pups…I would tweet them a thank you note….

 photo annafarrislulu_zps7cb67821.jpg

Check out this awesome interview HERE!

Did you know that Thee Ted Smith and I do a podcast? It's called The Mega Cast, and we just posted a new one last night! This week on the Mega Cast -- we give you 30 (push-ups), so we expect the same. Plus we talk about Tosh ripping on ESPN. Push up for days, in? Listen to this week's episode on iTUNES & Stitcher (subscribe too…search The Mega Cast), or listen right HERE!
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BJ'S BLOG 11/20/14 "Dave & Buster's"

Social media is a real minefield sometimes.

Dave and Buster's is a sports bar/arcade restaurant with locations all around North America. They recently tweeted: ""I hate Tacos" said no Juan ever", in reference to a Taco Tuesday promotion. As you might expect, this didn't really go over very well with some people, and the backlash is in full effect.

I asked our own Vicky Barcelona – a young woman of Mexican descent – and she said she's not offended at all. In fact, her father and brother are both named Juan, and Vicky said that she frequently shares "Juan" wordplay jokes with them, and they all think they're funny.

Thin Skindrome continues to sweep our country, and this is a case that I find especially bothersome, because I don't believe that non-Mexicans necessarily have a right to be incensed by this situation.

Dave and Buster's deleted the tweet, and later issued a public apology. Do you think the tweet was offensive? And how do you feel about people being outraged on behalf of groups – ethnic, sexual, or whatever – that they don't belong to?
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BJ'S BLOG 11/19/14 "Past Sins"

It's time for Group Therapy, gang!

Today, we're trying to help Mary (not her real name). Her soon-to-be-fiance just confessed something that she's struggling to accept: nearly twenty years ago, he was a prostitute…and his customers weren't women. In fact, he says that he's slept with over a hundred men!

This was something that happened during a very different time in his life. He was living in Florida, addicted to drugs, and living on the streets; the prostitution was just a way to make ends meet, and feed his addiction. These days, he's happy, fully recovered from the drugs, and thankfully disease-free. He also says that he's not gay. Unfortunately, it's not all good news for Mary, who didn't know about the drug addiction, or the prostitution. She says this revelation has hit her like a ton of bricks.

Mary's sister knows the secret now, and she thinks it's time to put the relationship out to pasture. Mary is concerned that her boyfriend must be gay, if he slept with men in the triple digits. She doesn't know what to do, so she came to her fellow Rock-A-Holics for help.

Mary, your boyfriend's sexuality isn't much of an issue, in my opinion. The real question of concern here is: will he be monogamous? Is there any chance of a relapse, either to the drugs, or the prostitution? That's the big red flag issue for me.

Can anyone offer Mary some advice? We'd love to hear from everyone, but we're especially interested in some feedback from people who have been in a similar situation…
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STP's BLOG 11/19/14 "Top Pot Donuts"

Huge thanks to Mark Klebeck for swinging by to drop off some Top Pot Donuts. I completely "fan-boyed" out on Mark…why you ask?

Because Mark is the co-founder of Top Pot Donuts…him and his brother created my favorite donuts! There was a point that I actually said to Mark, "Thank you for bringing me so much joy with your food".

 photo toppot_zpse18fdf43.jpg

I have met a lot of awesome celebrities that I am a huge fan of… from Hulk Hogan to John C. Reilly…but I was able to keep it cool with them…but not with Mark…I was a total fan boy!

Thanks to former KISW personality, Cathy Faulkner, for sending Mark our way. They are buds…so Mark swung by not only with the donuts, but with an awesome note from Cathy that featured the KISW Duck!

 photo toppot2_zps67aa0a95.jpg
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Sit N Spin! AC/DC Rock Or Bust

Sit N Spin! AC/DC Rock Or Bust

Today's Sit N Spin is about AC/DC! Last week The Mens Room chatted Angus & Cliff Williams about the new album and the Phil Rudd situation.

The new album "Rock Or Bust" drops December 2nd!

We featured the two new songs "Play Ball" & The title track "Rock Or Bust"……then featured part of the interview the guys had with AC/DC's Angus & Cliff.


Enjoy "Play Ball"

Dig on "Rock or Bust"

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STP's BLOG 11/18/14 "Forget Bitcoin...use GUM!"

This past weekend, the Jacksonville Jaguars were on their Bye Week, and starting cornerback Dwayne Gratz spent his time off getting wasted! How wasted? To the point that he thought gum was currency! Yes, THAT wasted!

Gratz was arrested at 5:53 A.M. in Miami Beach on Sunday morning for disorderly intoxication and trespassing. He was so drunk that he tried to use BUBBLE GUM to purchase items from a store after realizing that he was out of cash. When it didn't work, he argued with an employees, and refused to leave until the cops came and arrested him.

This led to a fun topic…

"Drunk or sober…I can't believe I tried to do (BLANK)."

Hot Kyle shared a great video, as he said that he couldn't believe that he witnessed his friend chug a 6 beer Das Boot in 15 seconds…check it out:

Here are some of the texts we got on the topic…

Drunk as hell pounded on all the neighbors' doors wearing Little Bo Peep underwear and stockings singing I'm bringing sexy back

I once tried to steal a bus in college

Tried to order drinks at Aladdin's Gyros in Fremont & started a huge argument because they wouldn't serve me

I got exorbitantly drunk while fishing at a lake in a state park, urinated into the lake while people paddled by in canoes, and I tried to call my friend and get him to bring me a gun so I could shoot the fish because I was mad that they weren't biting my hook

I once tried to brew a pot of coffee with vodka instead of water. I figured they were about the same consistency so it should work. Little did I know it ruined the machine.

Stoned out of my mind, tried to come onto my mother in law. Then was SO paranoid that my wife knew when she got home from work. She didn't...but I was high.
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