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Killed By Death...RIP Lemmy

The "Ace of Spades" was "Killed by Death" today. "Rock in Roll" the "Iron Fist" and tell the "Tales of Glory" of Lemmy because "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and it would be "Overkill" to say legends never die, but this "Motörhead" ruled with "Over the Top" "No Class" "Orgasmatron" like religion that no other has in rock in roll history. (We Are) The "Roadcrew" forever. RIP Lemmy! Thanks for camera moments these past decades - "Iron" Fist Mike 12.28.15

Did you know Lemmy started as part of Jimi Hendrix roadcrew? According to Wikipedia "On 28 December 2015, four days after his 70th birthday, Lemmy died at his home in Los Angeles, California, at 16:00 PST from an "extremely aggressive cancer." Motörhead announced his death on their official Facebook page later that day. According to the band, his cancer had only been diagnosed two days prior to his death." Here's photos 20 years apart I took of Lemmy, not much changed, even the necklace!

I know everyone's favorite Motorhead track is "Ace of Spades" but personally I had two others that topped that classic. Motorhead's cover of "Louie Louie" and their original "No Class" were pure hard rock rock in roll. How can anyone that's seen a Motorhead show forget how Lemmy introduced the concert with "We are Motorhead and we play Rock in Roll!". Indeed they did, LOUD!!! Here's a photo video featuring those two songs in dedication of Lemmy and some of the photos I've taken. "49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch" RIP Lemmy! - "Iron" Fist Mike 

For more Lemmy photos check out my gallery here {CLICK HERE}

One of Lemmy's last interviews. He's seen and done it all so it's great to hear what he says here.

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BJ'S BLOG 12/28/15 "Getting on the Road"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:

I would like to back up and explain a little about the roads around Alderson, West Virginia, and what happened before I had the circus ride with the Jack Daniels-swigging friend you read about last week.
The morning sun brought warmth to the last day at the foot of the mountain then dipped into the upper 20s that night. The fog, the mysterious mist I had so come to love, rose as it often did from the lakes, stream, and bogs. As I looked back up the trail, I could see only so far, the rest of the trail now blocked from my view by my beautiful fog as if to say, “Turn the other way. Do not look back, and go quietly. The spirits of the woods will remember.” It was time to carry in my heart forever the mountaintop days and head down the trail into tomorrow’s great unknown.
County Road 25 would take me into Alderson. The town, incorporated in 1881, was named for John Alderson, a Baptist minister who settled in the community in 1777. Ulysses S. Grant, president from 1869-1877, dined in Alderson soon after becoming president while traveling over the newly finished C&O railroad line, putting the town on the map for outsiders. Getting there sounds easy enough, but in 1966 that road was not exactly a magnet for traffic.
Geographically, Alderson was convenient for a hippie hitchhiker with no particular place to go. My intent when I headed out was to pay a surprise visit to a brother near Richmond, Virginia, then go on to Virginia Beach, and Route 64 would accomplish this for me.
One of the interesting things about Alderson is the roads. From there you can easily end up in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, and with just a little extra effort, Tennessee, the state of my birth. This made it an ideal place for a desperado like myself to play a chess game with the authorities. Of course, I considered myself a white knight and those who would try to hunt me down the black knights. I loved a good game of chess and a merry game of hide and seek. Having been on the chess team in high school and college, I figured I had a great advantage. Besides, I had gone up the mountain with very short hair and come down with shoulder length hair and a full beard. I was certain even my own mother would not recognize me, a fact that one day would be proven true.
So here I was, finally on paved road, walking, walking, and walking some more, never bothering to put my thumb out for a ride since the only thing I was likely to catch was a bird looking for a place to rest. Finally, a truck bore down on me, and I thought the driver would stop. Surely, truckers were not afraid of long-haired hippies that look like Jesus, being gypsies themselves. First he passed, as my thumb weakened in disbelief and disappointment, but then, yes! he stopped. I stood for a moment to be sure, and he yelled back at me, “If you’re not too tired of walking, catch up.” I did and was on my way to Virginia Beach, or so I thought.
As it turned out, he was only going as far as town to grab lunch, and then he would turn around and head to Pennsylvania. Well, I had information about a farm run by some other peaceful Vietnam War resisters in Pennsylvania, so I figured the ocean could wait a while longer. There was always Lake Erie, and I was on my way to the Keystone State.

(To be continued)

In the podcast some rock and roll stuff and other rambling thoughts.
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BJ'S BLOG 12/21/15 "Emily, the End"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:

The man who walked down the rocky trail of that sacred mountain for the last time was not the same one who had walked up. I knew I would never be the same. I had grown, learned, and loved, and it felt good. The further down I walked, the more I understood I was leaving Emily behind forever in a time and place that I would always remember as if it were now, and I smiled. Two hearts and souls had touched in a way that would cross time and distance, and they would always be together.  I smiled knowing that she would fulfill her life and her own destiny and smiled again because of the mountaintop days and the long nights by the fire, the swims in the stream, and the early morning fog that I loved so much. To this day, I can smell the fresh morning and the pine trees and hear the cardinal call my name, and I can feel the pure heart that I had found and would always remember.
It was now late afternoon in the hills of West Virginia near the end of October 1966. I had lingered too long on my journey down the mountain toward tomorrow. The sun seemed to set even earlier in the heavens, hiding behind the pines and the foothills. I knew that hitching in the dark along a country road even in those days was not safe, and I was not likely to find a ride, so it was time to camp. My soul and heart would battle through the night with my desire to return to the cabin, which was a safe two-hour hike back and another mile to the paved road. I would not sleep. I could almost hear the old bear scratching against the fence just up the hill and feel Emily’s touch. At least for one more night and one more morning I would listen to the cry of the wolf and the song of the cardinal. I remembered the very first time I saw Emily’s eyes, long before the mountaintop days, and heard her whisper, “Wouldn’t you want them to do the same for you?”
The Hell Ride to Kane
The drive from Alderson, West Virginia, to Kane, Pennsylvania, was eventful, to say the least. I hitched a ride with an ex-Korean war veteran who chugged Jack Daniels and popped what I thought was speed to stay awake. He took mountain hairpin curves as if he were in the Indianapolis 500 time trials, and I heard every story about wars and whores and how he wanted to go to Vietnam but could not because he had lost a leg in Korea. I wanted to ask which leg but was afraid the fool would take off the artificial one to show me. I watched in amazement as he pumped the clutch and gas pedal and shifted gears. I also came to the decision that telling this guy my story was not a great idea. I was afraid he would toss me out without bothering to stop the truck or even slow down.
It was at about this time I realized I needed to change my name and adopt a new identity. With any luck at all, I figured the State Police would pull us over and I would at least be spared a gruesome death impaled on a pine tree. But if they checked my identity and ran it through some bureau invested in capturing a peaceful war-resisting desperado such as myself, on the run from a number of antiwar infractions, then my game of cat-and-mouse would soon be over.
(To be continued)
In the podcast, there are more random thoughts about things past and present as well as rock-and-roll news and a timeline. Join me on the shores of Rambling Harbor.
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Steve Migs Blog 12/16/15 "Thrill & Migs On The TeeVee!

Yesterday Thrill and I got to be on New Day Northwest on KING 5…we had a great time!!

Here is our appearance!
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Steve Migs Blog 12/15/15 "Crapperville!"

This morning we were playing back some of the “better” moments of the year, we call it “The Best That We Could Do For 2015”. 

Back in August we read a story about Jimmy Buffett's fans bringing homemade toilets to his concerts…and Mono Nick decided to write a Stoner Song about it, and you voted it the number 2 bit of the year!  I forgot how much I love this “Stoner Song”:

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BJ'S BLOG 12/14/15 "Emily, Continued"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders: 

Yes, it was just another one of those endless Peace Movement meetings. But this one would prove to be different, life changing in the whisper of a young woman. For that night, in Washington, D.C., I would take the first step toward Emily and the Mountaintop days.

Why had I traveled so far to go to that mountain, her mountain? It was her mountain for she had hiked these hills and valleys, camped on the ledges, and loved this place long before I had ever seen her face.  At times, it seemed to me she was as old as the mountain itself, as young as a fawn, and as pure as the stream, this woman of deep soul, grace, and beauty. I came to this place to escape the ugly world, looking for peace, love, and tranquility. Were those things to be found in the woman or in the mountain? Did they meld one into the other, like hot lava flowing to the edge of the ocean creating land? Emily had a physical beauty that would have frozen the Greek gods in place and a soul so beautiful that Mary the mother of God would smile with pride. Long black hair, deep brown eyes, a perfect God-given face: she was so tender yet so strong she could pierce your thoughts and your body at the same time. Delicate, she stood only five foot three, but her body was so perfectly proportioned it defied geometry. You wanted to lay her down and at the same time place her so high that no one could touch her, but not on a pedestal, for she would have rebelled against being placed above anyone and certainly not on a throne, for even the idea of that would have seemed sacrilegious to her.  She possessed a strong personality, a soul and a mind that only the equally strong of will and mind could even dream of challenging. Her heart and mind were pure, harboring no evil desire or thought, and no gauge could measure her physical desires and spirit. Emily walked the hills and mountains of this sacred land, giving to the earth, resisting those who tried to destroy it, and expecting nothing in return but the happiness she gained from following her heart and soul.

As I left that mountain, I remembered the first words she spoke in that meeting.  Someone asked why we should sacrifice so much for those we do not even know, and Emily stood for the first time, far back in the room, and gently said, “Wouldn’t you want them to do the same for us?” There was a hush in the room and a pounding in my heart.

(Emily, to be continued)

In the podcast there are more random thoughts as well as a rock-and-roll timeline. Join me on the shores of Rambling Harbor.
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Steve Migs Blog 12/14/15 "Star Wars & Seahawks"

Just when you probably have heard enough about Star Wars… It’s only going to get even crazier this week as we are just a few days away from the Force Awakens! Saturday Night Live had an awesome bit that they did about Star Wars…

I am sure some people feel that this is rude that they are goofing on fans like this, but my bud Frank, who is a HUGE collector, summed it up best:  “Yes, i know, this is me. EXACTLY. So funny, cause it's real.”
Man it’s funny what a few weeks will do for the perception of the Hawks.  A little over a month ago, people were demanding Bevell be fired, Russell either dump or have “relations” with his lady Ciara, and the defense is not what it used to be.  Fast forward to now, and this team is firing on all cylinders, and Russell Wilson is the hottest player in the game right now.  My bud Iron Mike posted this on his Instagram… check out these stats…

Speaking of Instagram…did you see this on the Seahawks Instagram page?  Pete Carroll is out of his mind…check him out after the game, I love it!

Coach Carroll is so happy with his team today that he is on another level, literally. #SEAvsBAL #VictoryLockerroom

A photo posted by Seattle Seahawks (@seahawks) on

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BJ'S BLOG 12/11/15 "Cheating Sibling"

If you’re looking for Rock-A-Holics helping Rock-A-Holics, then Group Therapy is the place to be!
Laura has a sister who’s been married for 15 years to a great guy, and they have two kids, but the sister hasn’t been happy for about three years. The sister just revealed to Laura that she’s been cheating on her husband for the last few months, and Laura is shocked. She’s been sworn to secrecy, and she doesn’t like it one bit.
It sounds like your read on the husband is probably correct, Laura…because your sister isn’t looking very good in this story. If he really is a nice guy, I think your sister is the problem here. Personally, I think you need to bring in your parents, if that’s an option. That’s what I’d want my kids to do, and I think that a sibling shouldn’t have to carry around that kind of awful secret without some support.
What do you think about this situation, folks? Should Laura keep the secret, or take a different path? We’d love to hear from you!
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Steve Migs Blog 12/11/15 "Metal Adele!"

I’m a sucker for a heavy metal / rock version of a pop hit.  I eventually will get sick of the version, but I do get a kick out of hearing a slick pop song get thrown into the heavy metal grinder!  So I am sure you have heard, or at least heard about that Adele song “Hello”.  If you haven’t here ya go…

So some dude named Leo Moracchioli decided to make it into a kick ass rock song.  He’s apparently done this before with other pop songs, and he nailed this one…

So this morning I got a little distracted when I saw this tweet…

This is an impossible question to answer in 140 characters, so instead of embedding the slew of tweets I sent Stephen and my radio bud Nick… here is my take.
It seems to be the cool thing for people to blog about how they are “done” with the WWE.  That they have had it.  I’ve seen some high profile WWE fans go off on the product, as well as former wrestlers like Mick Foley proclaim that he is done watching.  I am still watching.  Am I 100% pleased with the product?  Of course not.  Hell…like any decade…nothing is perfect.  Even the often referenced Attitude Era had many crappy moments of television… however; the awesome moments have made many people forget the not-so-great episodes. 

I do think the WWE needs to rock the boat with how they are doing things with Monday Night Raw and Smackdown.  The talent is there.  Many of them are still young, let them shine.  I look at the NXT brand, and there is so much exciting stuff going on there, that it could bleed over to the main roster. 

That being said, it’s always fun as a wrasslin’ fan to “fantasy book”…to come up with a story line.  Here is mine.
Being that the best story arcs are the ones that have a hint of reality to them, Triple H in real live is the brains behind a lot of what is happening at NXT.  I say have him grow tired of the WWE product, and how Vince and the entire McMahon family are “running the product into the ground”, and how he is doing great stuff with the young talent.  Ditch the whole “Authority” story… hell, even have Triple H be at odds with his wife – Stephanie (Vince’s daughter).  This leads to a massive ambush by the NXT superstars (led by Triple H) during RAW and Smackdown.  Thus creating a war between the young guys and the old guys.  The main roster returns the favor and ambushed the NXT guys during their show…hell, have Vince’s son Shane return to lead the charge with his sister and father.  This leads to a stare down between NXT Champ Finn Balor and WWE’s biggest star… John Cena.  Some of the new talent on the main roster can turn their back on the main roster and rejoin NXT.  This eventually culminates into a Wrestlemania that is basically NXT vs. WWE.  Finn Balor vs John Cena.  A handicapped match … Triple H vs. Shane and Vince McMahon. 

I’d pay good money to see this.  
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BJ'S BLOG 12/10/15 "Holiday Decorating"

It’s time for Group Therapy, where Rock-A-Holics try to lend a neighborly hand when they can…
Here’s one for the holiday season: Marty’s neighborhood is big into the Christmas decorations, with a little bit of Griswold-esque competition between the houses. That’s all well and good for those involved, but there’s a relatively new family on the block, and their decorations have been declared NOT GOOD ENOUGH for the rest of the neighborhood. Marty’s been asked to address this with his new neighbors.
Marty wants to know if it’s okay to advise his neighbors on their Christmas decorations. Heck, he’s even willing to help them out with buying some new lights and trimmings that will be more appreciated by everyone on the block.
Are you %&$#ing KIDDING me? I have nothing but coal to dump in the stockings of you and your meddling, judgmental fellow neighborhood snobs! I know we’re here to help, but Marty…you’re the worst.
I would love to know if anyone out there agrees with Marty. Somehow, I feel like we won’t have a shortage of people who are willing to tell him exactly where to shove it…
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