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BJ'S BLOG 08/31/15 "Straight to Hell"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:

As a boy at the god-awful age of 16, I lived on Staten Island, the forgotten borough of New York City. I had a cluster of maybe five close friends and some peripheral ones who occasionally appeared, and we would hang out. Being the bad guys we were, we often did our hanging in front of the library, which if the truth be told, was close to home: I lived behind the library. Sometimes we sat in my dad’s car, which was even closer to home and never moved, and listened to “Cousin Brucie” Bruce Morrow and “Murray the K” Kaufman and a host of others, double entendre intended. We were all great students and athletes, and we never drank or did drugs, and sometimes I wonder what kids today would think of us.

One of the songs that hit the charts and the hearts that summer was “Sherry” by the Four Seasons, released in the heat of August to add steam to the life of an already hot and bothered 16-year-old male. I remember one night as we stood on the corner in front of the library, looking more intellectual than tough, one of the new neighborhood arrivals came by, a girl to die for, whom I suspect many may have died for by now. I knew then that I would never forget her and I haven’t, but her family left town about as quickly as they had arrived, which happened a lot in my neighborhood. I don’t remember her name, and I don’t remember what she looked like either, but she was hot, I think. I bet you’re wondering what, in all that’s forgotten, I do remember.

I remember the song “Sherry” playing on someone’s transistor radio, I remember it being a very hot night, and I remember this hot girl. I was a very shy kid, but on this hot summer night as the Four Seasons heightened my senses with words about red dresses and twist parties and moving nice and easy, I found words coming out of my mouth, asking this girl where we were going (and I probably looked behind me to see who had actually uttered those words). With that she took me by the hand and walked me out into the middle of the road over a manhole cover and pointed down. “There. There is where we are going,” she said. “Where? What is there?” I asked, and she said, “Straight to hell.”

I may not remember her name, face, or what was so hot about her to begin with, but I remember those words, and sometimes on a hot summer night I can still see that manhole cover and hear the words “straight to hell,” and I wonder what she knew that I didn’t. That same year the Vietnam War was escalating, and many soon to be 18-year-old males were indeed heading straight to hell.

There are more thoughts on this and other things on the shores of Rambling Harbor. Join me there.
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BJ'S BLOG 08/28/15 "Sabotage!”"

It’s Group Therapy, where Rock-A-Holics help one of their own with a problem that’s too big to be handled solo! (Isn’t “Handled Solo” a Star Wars character?) Let’s see if we can offer some assistance to today’s patient…
Teresa wrote in to discuss a case of parental sabotage. She and her ex-husband don’t have a good relationship; in fact, she says that co-parenting their 8-year-old daughter is the only reason they have any communication at all. Her ex has a new wife, who is 10 years younger than his former wife. Teresa admits that she has some resentment toward this woman, who she describes as “pretty”, because her ex-husband treats her the way that he never treated Teresa. She even says that they would probably be together if he had treated her the way he does his new wife.
Teresa believes that the new wife is trying to sabotage her, offering this case as her evidence: for a recent birthday, the stepmom gave Teresa’s daughter a bunny. Teresa believes that the woman knew that Teresa is allergic to animals, and is passively-aggressively forcing her to get rid of the bunny, thus breaking her child’s heart in the process.
Oh, Teresa. You have a lot of growing to do, I think. Honestly, I am tempted to tell you what I really think…but you’re a listener, and I’m trying to appreciate you. I’m going to let the Rock-A-Holics weigh in on your paranoid concerns, and we’ll see what they have to say.
Share your thoughts, folks!
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Steve Migs Blog 08/28/15 "Ken Griffey Jr. dressed up as....Ken Griffey Jr?"

Have you seen the new Mackelemore & Ryan Lewis video for the song “Downtown”?  I am loving the song…the video is so awesome,… check it out!

Yes…that is Ken Griffey Jr…dressed up as…well..Ken Griffey Jr.  He dressed up as the young version of The Kid…such a funny, cool moment!

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BJ'S BLOG 08/27/15 "Delivery Room Problem"

Hello again, good people of Rock-A-Holica! (Yeah, that sounds weird. We probably won’t be trying that one again, but you know we like to keep it fresh…sort of.) Anyway, it’s time for Group Therapy, so let’s see what the Trouble Stork has delivered this time.
James and his wife are expecting a baby, so congratulations to them! Mrs. James wants someone extra in the delivery room: her best friend, going back to elementary school; unfortunately, James can’t stand this woman, and he doesn’t want her there at all.
We live in an age of overexposure, and this is just one more aspect of the new way of thinking. I know I’ll be accused of being old-fashioned, but I feel like the father should have some input regarding the people who are present when his child is born. What do you have to say on the subject, folks?
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Steve Migs Blog 08/27/15 "Russell Stone"

Russell Wilson is on the cover of Rolling Stone…how cool is this?

However…many people aren’t too stoked about what he said about a type of water he is investing in called “Recovery Water”.  In the interview, Russell says --  "I banged my head during the Packers game in the playoffs, and the next day I was fine, It was the water." If you don’t remember that hit…it was a gnarly one:

Russell also said that a teammate's knee was miraculously healed after he drank the water.  All of this pissed BJ off, and BJ couldn’t understand why this doesn’t bother me.
Why should it?  If he wants to say that…I don’t care, it doesn’t affect me whatsoever.  Do I think the water really heals?  Hell if I know, I surely doubt it though.  Will I buy the water?  Hell yeas I will.  Is the reason why I am buying it is to piss off BJ?  You better believe it. 

The troubling part of the article on Russell in Rolling Stone for me has nothing to do with football, water, or anything of the sort.  It has everything to do with this picture:

Sign off on miracle water all you want Russ, but why did you sign off on this?  haha
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Sad blog 8/26/15

    Today I write this blog with a bit of a heavy heart. For some reason it seems like family deaths and sad news was all around the last couple of days. A girl I grew up with and knew her family as she and her family were friends with my family as well Mother passed away just last week. I hear today of sad news of another friend of mine, who's Father just passed on Sunday. On The Megacast today Steve and I talked with our buddy Levi Lyon from Lyon Pride Music (who also has awesome party busses) and Levi's brother was one of the firefighters injured in the wild fires last week over in eastern Washington. Sadly though his brother who was badly injured was the only survivor out of four men who were caught on a hill when the wind changed. His brother who was about to become a Police officer just went to fight the fires as a volunteer just to help out and ends up getting seriously injured. Today also saw yet more senseless gun violence as a ex co-worker was mad about some things gunned down a TV reporter on the air and the camera man. Just a overall sad morning of news and serious subjects today. I feel for all these situations and while all different they all remind us that life is precious and can be gone at any time. Sometimes on days like today I would just remind you to take a look at what is important in your life. Life is a lot of things and sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own stuff that I forget to look at the big picture. As much as I am writing and telling others to look at what is important I am most definitely reminding myself as well
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BJ'S BLOG 08/26/15 "Age Difference"

You’re never too old for Group Therapy, although I can’t really recommend it for the younger set. It gets a little raw around here sometimes, and we don’t want to harm the tender ears of children…
Mary has an age-related predicament that she needs some help with: she’s dating a man who is much older, and she’s worried that their age gap might be a little TOO wide. The difference between them is 17 years, with Mary in her mid-20s, and the boyfriend in his 40s.
Mary’s family doesn’t approve, and her friends say they can’t find anything in common with him. For her part, Mary is crazy about this guy; she believes he may be The One, and she’s hoping to convince everyone to come around to her way of thinking.
We don’t have much more to go on, so I can’t make a judgment based on the guy’s personality, or how he interacts with the family and friends. So, I’m going to turn this over to the Rock-A-Holics for some feedback! If you have any advice on making a relationship work with a big age split, fire it up!
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Steve Migs Blog 08/26/15 "Positive Vibes Are Needed"

My buddy Levi posted something on his Facebook page that stopped me in my tracks and made the awful situation with the wild fires hit closer to home.  Levi’s brother is one of the people that was severely burned while trying to fight the fires and is now in the hospital trying to recover.  Please keep him, and everyone involved in your thoughts and prayers. 
Here is Levi’s post, please take a moment to read it… if you are able to help, that would rock…if not, please keep the positive vibes out there…many family and friends could really use that right now.

As you may have heard my little brother was a firefighter protecting the forest & family homes in the Washington...

Posted by Levi Lyon on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

After I see this, I then get an email from a fellow Rock-A-Holic named Benjamin…. Here is what he wrote me…
Hey Steve,
 Don't know if you remember me, but we met at the Seahawks victory party a couple years ago. We talked hockey and I snapped my pic with you, but I'm sure that's happened a million times since then. Anyway, I just wanted to write you to ask if your church would be in prayer for myself and my national guard unit as we have been activated to go fight the wildfires in eastern Washington. I appreciate it and I hope to get down south to play some puck with you one of these days. My unit is Charlie Company 1-161. Thanks a bunch man and may your success be continued.
 God bless,

Man…my heart goes out to everyone out there battling this.
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Pain In The Grass 2015!!!!!!

For nearly six months the date was circled on my calendar. August 23rd at White River Amphitheater. My second ever Pain In The Grass as a member of the KISW team. Missing last year was PAINFUL - everyone else was out there, rocking on my behalf. So I knew I needed to cram the fun of TWO Pains into one on Sunday! Let's just say I DEFINITELY managed that!

I ordered my crew to get to the house at 10:30am - no later. We were set to shove off at exactly 10:30am. Well, yours truly was running fashionably late. Gotta look good for my Rockaholics! Leaving early is ALWAYS the way to go. I'm glad we gave ourselves so much time. The parking lot was already filling up FAST and the line to enter the venue was wrapped around the facility by 12:15pm! We chilled in the parking lot with fellow Rockaholics for the first 30 minutes or so. Just standing in the parking lot, you could see that EVERY band on the bill was represented. T-shirts from all 13 bands scattered throughout the crowd. 

Once we got inside and headed to the Palace Law Premium Experience tent, it was a total love fest. KISW listeners and crazy rock fans getting down on cold beer and delicious BBQ eats! A total whirlwind of performances to catch on the Main and Another Century Stages, mixed in with awesome interviews from bands back stage and once-in-a-lifetime acoustic sets. As a Rockaholic, I was in HEAVEN, and I think my fellow Rockaholics were in the same frame of mind. 

I watched Crobot take the Main Stage prior to interviewing them in the Palace Law Premium Experience area. Those guys SLAYED IT! I haven't seen guys rocking THAT hard in a while. Jumping up and down, climbing on top of each other, stomping around and performing the hell out of their set. They might be my new favorite band! Actually, after interviewing them, they are. :) Check out the video here

Next up was bringing Motionless In White out onto the Main Stage. This band had the best make up of the festival! The come with some of the most passionate fans I've ever seen, they bring a unique sound, and were super fun to be back stage with! I got to ask several members of the band about their make up regimen, which in turn got me VERY excited for Halloween. After their set, I got to hang with Chris Motionless and ask him all sorts of things. Loved taking him to meet Motley Zoo's adoptable pets afterward. :) Thank you Mike Ford for this kick ass photo!!

I have to tell you, though, the party was at the Another Century Stage! MY GOD!!! Those 5 bands brought so much insanity and energy to Pain 2015! As a result, I have 5 new favorite bands. :) We were totally rocked by them. I had the privilege of bringing New Years Day out on the 2nd Stage, and that crowd was FIRED up! Just kicked so much ass. Thank you Mat Hayward for this awesome pic! 

After that, Lamb of God took the Main Stage, and INSTANTLY four different circle pits broke out IN THE LAWN! I was so jacked up! Who says you need pit tickets to jump in the pit? They started with Walk With Me In Hell, followed by Now You've Got Something To Die For - my two favorite LOG songs right out of the gate! Thoroughly enjoyed watching the banana man down in the pit on the floor from up on the lawn. And the Wall of Death was out of this world. I'm pretty sure Randy was concerned!!!! Way to put the PAIN in Pain In The Grass, y'all! 

Lastly, SLIPKNOT! A band I've had on my concert to-do list since, well, a long-ass time. The dueling drums, the united vocals coming from every corner of the venue, Corey Taylor's voice STRONGER THAN HELL!! I've never felt so much energy from a crowd EVER. It was well worth the wait to finally lose my Slipknot virginity!!! 

I cannot thank our Rockaholics enough. Thanks to you, we sold out Pain In The Grass for the first time in KISW history, and in turn contributed $2/ticket to Pearl Jam's Vitalogy Foundation, totally more than $31,000 in support for local PNW charities! Unbelievable! Again - THANK YOU!!!!

I am now in the full-blown, post-Pain blues. Hope to see ALL of you back at Pain In The Grass 2016 - if not sooner!

Look for upcoming features in Taryn's Wreckreation Guide featuring great sushi, karaoke, and local hikes! If you have feedback, ideas, or suggestions, please send me an email here!
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BJ'S BLOG 08/25/15 "Payback For The Wedding"

Hey, gang! You’re never obligated to help out with Group Therapy, but we do appreciate the advice you share!
Today’s session is already getting my blood pressure up, so let’s just take this frustrating dive together…
22-year-old Trista got married back in February and her parents picked up the bill for the occasion. The grand total for their daughter’s special day was a cool $45,000.00…so this was no small affair, obviously.
After barely half a year, the marriage has ended in separation. Obviously, some mistakes were made, and we all know that mistakes can be costly in many different ways. In this case, the cost includes a demand from Trista’s parents that they get their money back! Trista is confused and upset, because she just doesn’t understand why her parents aren’t willing to eat 45k for a marriage that crashed and burned before it ever really got airborne.
This is more B.S. from the entitlement generation: Foot the bill for my mistake, and when you feel like you should be repaid, I’ll take my problems to the public! I’m just certain the world will be outraged on my behalf. Life is so unfair! Can’t I just have everything I want, without consequence or conscience?
This one’s going directly to the court of public opinion, because if I take the time to say what’s on my mind, I’m just going to start yelling and swearing (even more than usual). Let’s hear your thoughts on Trista’s situation, good people!
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