Investing in yourself

When was the last time that you invested in yourself?

This might be the single biggest obstacle on your path to reaching your financial goals.

If you're not investing in continuing education, training and personal development, you're limiting your ability to make more money in the future.

Consider taking non-degree courses online to boost your knowledge of your field or enrolling in a graduate program.
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STP's BLOG 08/01/14 "A Tribute To Bob!"

Bob Rivers is retiring next Friday, and is well known for his "Twisted Tunes" – well, our very own Mono-Nick decided to pay tribute to Bob with a parody song of his own…here is Mono-Nick's rendition of "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction…he calls this "Bob Says".

I love that Bob actually tweeted this song out to his fans…

 photo bobtweet_zps0bc99330.jpg

Speaking of Tweeting…yesterday I watched Sharknado 2…and I was stoked to see wrestler Kurt Angle in it…so much so that I sent out this tweet…

 photo sharktweet_zps83564c2b.jpg

Here is my review of Sharknado 2: It was EFFing AWESOME! The opening plane scene was incredible. The took the ridiculousness to a whole new level! Syfy will re-air the movie this Saturday and Sunday. A third movie is already in the works . . . but there aren't any details on it yet.
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BJ'S BLOG 08/01/14 "Bad Parents"

Sometimes, I just have to shake my head and be thankful that I'm not the kind of person who ends up being the star of news items like this:

A man with a head full of acid opened fire on a pizzeria because it wasn't open for business.

Go back and let that sentence sink in for a second.

Are you insane with confused anger yet? Well, there's more to the story.

27-year-old Philip is a Michigan father of three kids, all under the age of 7. Responsible parent that he is, Philip took some LSD with the kids in his custody. Naturally, this candidate for Dad of the Year decided to get some pizza with the kids, so he loaded them into the car and headed out to satisfy his craving.

Did I mention that he was wearing nothing but a towel? Sorry, I guess it slipped my mind. I'm pretty sure you already guessed that Philip had a gun, though.

When Philip reached the pizzeria, he discovered that the place was closed, so he freaked out, and banged on the window so hard that the gun went off and shattered some glass.

As it happens, Philip's brain was so drug-addled that he didn't realize that the pizza place was actually open after all. It was 7:30 at night, and there were two employees inside. Thankfully, no one was hurt! Philip was arrested, the kids were taken away from their crazy dad, and no pizzas were harmed during the making of this insane story.

I'd love to hear some responses that restore my faith in humanity, my friends…

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Seafair weekend 7/31/14

    Everyone run for cover the jets are taking over or so it seems. Not really it is just Seafair and the Blue Angels are in town. The NAVY is here as well in numbers, Belltown was full of the sailor's. It is crazy when you see those Jets and the power they have. I also think it is fun for the Military guys and girls to have fun in the town. I would have to image it is a good time to blow off some steam and enjoy the town. I also get the argument about our Military power and show of it but the guy has to say its so cool. I could watch those jets all day long and I think it looks cool when you see everyone in the uniforms. Seafair is also just a great weekend to be in Seattle. Between the Blue Angels and the hydro races on the weekend it is overload on the senses. Summer in Seattle is awesome and I can't wait for this weekend and to see the Blues flying above the lake. Hope you get out there and have fun and if you are on the log boom, be safe and drink one for me.
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BJ'S BLOG 07/31/14 "No Hitting"

Sometimes, I feel like sports entertainment – and the associated media -- has turned into nothing more than “anger and stats”. In my opinion, ESPN doesn’t need to talk about domestic violence unless it becomes absolutely necessary.
That kind of thinking might have produced a better result for ESPN’s Steven A. Smith. I consider him an extremely smart, well-spoken broadcaster, but he really went off track on the topic of Ray Rice’s alleged assault of his wife in an elevator. Smith took the obvious stance against domestic violence, but he also suggested that people need to avoid provoking these kinds of physical altercations. It wasn’t hard for most people to reach the conclusion that his advice was aimed at women.
I really don’t think that Steven Smith was trying to be a jerk, but he definitely ended up looking like one. Smith released a very eloquent apology, and has accepted his short-term suspension from ESPN with what appears to be a sincerely penitent attitude.
Whoopi Goldberg also made some similar points on “The View” about provoking physical assault, but she boiled it all down to a basic idea that everyone can agree on:
It’s pretty simple, right? Could it just be that easy to figure out how to deal with our fellow human beings without resorting to violence?
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STP's BLOG 07/31/14 "Relax Texter"

Sometimes the texters just seem like a bunch of miserable human beings.  What is it about the concept of typing something and firing it off that makes people just reek of negativity?

Today’s example…

Hey bj, act like a man and slap the f*** out if mono nick and steve for constantly disrespecting your daughter .

Hi texter…act like a man and take a joke.  This is what we do…we give eachother crap about anything and everything.  We dish it and take it, and none of us are going to “act like a man” and hit someone…if anything, we would say something if someone was truly crossing the line.  Lighten up buddy…the world would be a better place for you if you didn’t have such a miserable attitude.  Plus, BJ once jokingly referred to his own daughter as a “ho” – anyone with a brain in their head knows that it’s just a joke…if you take the stuff we say so seriously maybe you are missing the point of what we do. 
That being said…as soon as I see that text, the next 2 texts that show up re-affirm that most people that listen “get it”:

Hey Steve! Don't you think all the Rockaholics should enjoy Fifty Shades of Shea on this beautiful Thursday morning? –GingerF

Steve can we piss off bj and play 50 shades of shea again? #yesyesyes

So for all of these texts…including Mr. Poopy Pants that wants us to slap eachother…here you go:

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STP's BLOG 07/30/14 "TMNT!"

It’s always fun when we get cool promotional stuff in the mail…like this!  Thanks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
 photo 13A0B5CB-7D31-4A0A-897B-DC95FE9329C3_zpsnw2ujxib.jpg
 photo 20B0BE8C-B3F9-4D93-B1FE-1CB0B5CF3910_zpsld7dyyi6.jpg
The movie looks like a blast!  Have you seen the Trailer?  The film comes out next Friday!

Speaking of moviews…Did you know that there is another “50 Shades” inspired film…and it stars BJ daughter, Sara! Check it out!

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BJ'S BLOG 07/30/14 "Why People Cheat"

Hello again, Rock-A-Holics!
We have a lot of relationship conversations around here, and today’s discussion follows that tradition. I’d like to talk about one of the biggest obstacles in a productive relationship – CHEATING.
Human beings are raised with a sense of individual identity. Sure, most people have a family, and pretty much everyone is exposed to relationship dynamics from birth onward, but we still develop and evolve as singular beings. If you’re going to survive in the world, you have to learn to take care of yourself, first and foremost.
As you get older, you start to learn, and adopt, a sense of community; the tribe mentality starts to take hold, and we (hopefully) move past self-absorbed singularity, and begin to understand the benefits of sharing our life with someone else. Still, it can be extremely hard for us, as individuals, to shed the narcissism that we carry around with us through life.
We generally understand “being self-centered” as selfishness, and it certainly does come out that way at the worst of times; but it’s also self-centered for a person to believe that they are the reason for other people’s decisions. That extends to a partner’s reason cheating in a committed relationship.
There’s a new list of reasons that people give for cheating, and the #1 excuse was, “it just happened.” Maybe that’s a better explanation than assigning blame to the person who was cheated on, but I still think it’s a lame cop-out.
The #2 reason: “It was exciting.” Some people get a thrill from breaking the rules, and that sensation is probably doubled by the basic biological drive that governs our sexual identity.
At #3, we have plain old, garden-variety loneliness. If you’re lonely in your own relationship, maybe you’re in the wrong relationship.
“I was bored with the sex in my relationship” comes in at #4 on the list. Honesty is the best policy, and it does far less damage than cheating. Think about it, and talk about it.
It’s hard to make a perfect argument against the #5 reason, “I fell in love.” While I constantly make the case for complete honesty in a relationship, sometimes love comes out of nowhere. That being said, there is usually a warning sign, either on the failing side of a current relationship, or the exciting feeling of a new romance.
I have zero support for the terrible justification at #6: “I thought I could get away with it.” You know what? That’s never an acceptable excuse for a decent person to make in ANY situation. What would you like to get away with next?
The list ends at #7, with “I thought I deserved it.” If you think you deserve to have sex with someone else, then you need to get out of your relationship.
There are always extenuating circumstances and gray areas in every scenario, but there isn’t a single reason on this list that can truly justify cheating in a committed relationship. Cheating doesn’t ever solve a problem; it only adds to the existing ones. If you need more out of your romantic and sexual coupling, then you need to ask for it. If your needs can’t be met, then it’s time to hit the road. Better to move on with a clear conscience, don’t you think?
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STP's BLOG 07/29/14 "Fist vs. Shake"

It’s time for a stupid rant from yours truly….

A new study in the "American Journal of Infection Control" found that a fist bump is way more hygienic than a handshake…a fist bump passes about 95% fewer germs than a handshake.

We all need to get on board with how we great each other because I’m getting sick of it.  We just don’t know what to do.  That’s great that fist bumping passes less germs…but next time I go in for a “fist”, the other person will probably go in for the “shake”…then there is that awkward moment where I switch to “shake” and they switch to “fist”, and then the next thing you know I’m shaking their fist.  Then there are times that someone goes in for the bro hug and you aren’t prepared for it…or vice versa, and then someone if feeling odd for awkwardly pulling another person closer to them.  Then there is the fast slap shake thingy…someone inevitably is “that guy” that grabs the hand going in for just a slap.

My point…it’s a dumb one, but it’s still a point….we need the President's help on this.  We as a country need to have one set way of greeting each other.  Why do we even need to touch each other any way?  Let’s be like Japan…lets bow…or let’s make it our own and just have a simple head nod as a greeting.  We know what to expect and we will stop these awkward greetings all together.
Bam.  Off my soap box.
Now here is something funny.  Dogs never seem to learn their lesson no matter how many times they do something…this video is a great example… a mailman in Oklahoma posted a 12-second video of a bulldog running face first into a FENCE trying to get to him.  He says it does it every single day.

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BJ'S BLOG 07/29/14 "Opened Box of Condoms"

Welcome back to Group Therapy, gang! I’m glad we get to spend time together on a regular basis; especially when we hear things like this…
Today’s case comes from Gary, who’s been in a long-distance relationship with a woman for a couple of months. They’re not exclusive, but things definitely seem to be heading that way. That being said, Gary is troubled by something that happened during a recent visit: right before the couple was about to have sex for the first time, the girlfriend told Gary to get a condom from a box in her medicine cabinet. When he did, Gary found that the box was already open, and several condoms were already absent.
As you might expect, Gary is a bit unsettled by this development, and he wants to know if he should ask her about her sex life, specifically as it pertains to the time that they spend apart from each other.
Here’s my thing about long-distance relationships: I guess I don’t think they’re a completely bad thing on principle, but I do wonder how people can engage in a situation like that and still feel entitled to an expectation of monogamy. It just doesn’t seem logical – or actually, even likely – when two people have some semblance of a commitment to each other, but only see each other sporadically at best.
(Of course, I also wonder about sending your partner to get a condom out of your bulk supply, especially when the ABSENCE of a bulk supply might raise some issues, or at least questions.)
I’m a married guy in a world of modern singles. What are your thoughts, Rock-A-Holics?
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