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Steve Migs Blog 09/04/15 "The Rookies!"

Last night was the final pre-season game for the Seahawks…they beat the Raiders. The highlight for me had to be the rookies. A couple thoughts…

I think Frank Clark could bust through a brick wall if need be…that dude was looking fierce yesterday.
Is there no stopping Tyler Lockett? I am thinking we will see some great things from him this season.

Have you seen that awesome videoi when his punt return from last week was set to Mario Kart? My buddy Jay just showed me it, and it's awesome!

This weekend is Bumbershoot. I haven't been to a Bumbershoot in years, and I am finally making my way back… I cannot wait for Sunday as Faith No More will be on the mainstage! I am also excited to see Brand New and Social Distortion, but it's really all about FNM! They were on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and they did one of my favorite songs off their new record Sol Invictus…a song called "Seperation Anxiety".

They also did a really cool song called "Sunny Side Up".

So today is Force Day… today is the day for the reveal of Star Wars toys. People were up at midnight this morning to go buy merch for the new film "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". At first I was goofing on BJ about it, but I have to say…there is one toy that I would love. I probably won't get it as it's about $150…but it looks damn cool. It's for some robot that looks like R2D2's younger brother called the BB8…check it out:

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BJ'S BLOG 09/03/15 "Still Getting Trolled"

I recently attended the massive PAX gaming convention here in Seattle, along with several members of my well-known entourage. What an amazing geek event! Every year, it gets bigger and bigger! It's just incredibly exciting for me, as a crazed gamer, to celebrate something I love with about 75,000 members of my own dice-rolling, card-collecting tribe.

75,000 people for a gaming convention? You'd think that geeks would finally be free of the "living in your parents' basement" stigma, but that's one thing that still hasn't changed. I hear it on the street, I hear it in the office, and now we're hearing it from Jimmy Kimmel. I did hear it finally, Jimmy made some comments recently that rubbed the geek community the wrong way, and he's definitely hearing about it on the internet. Honestly, I was really surprised to hear that a (relatively) younger comedian would be so short-sighted about such a major aspect of modern culture.

Games are fun, and I don't know why people insist on taking their jabs. Who's getting hurt by gamer culture? I get together with my gaming friends all the time, and we have a blast! I guess some folks just don't like fun…

As always, we invite the geeks in our radio audience to check out the Geek Nation podcast! We do it every week, and it's powered by a love of all things geeky! You're safe with us, geek friends!
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Steve Migs Blog 09/03/15 "Chris Matthews Rules!"

Tonight the Hawks play their final pre-season game against the Raiders. One last shot to see the younger fellas grind it out for a spot on the team. I love watching pre-season games for that reason. Anyone that cares about the final score, or anyone that engages in trash talking about their team winning is an idiot.

One guy I am excited to see back out there is wide receiver Chris Matthews! Chris had an MVP performance at the Super Bowl…hell, if the Hawks won he would've been named the MVP according to many. He has been nursing a shoulder injury for the last 3 weeks, so it will be nice to see him back on the field.

Chris recently made news for a seriously cool thing. He decided to write his pops a song for Father's Day as a tribute for all that he has done. His dad is a cop in the LA area, and he collaborated with the country group Jones & Fischer to make the song. Check it out!

You can buy the song on iTUNES HERE.

Chris also has a cool fundraiser where he has teamed up with some dentists to make Seahawk branded mouth guards! Get more info HERE.

Go Hawks!

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Steve Migs Blog 09/02/15 "Luke Willson joins The Rock!"

We are back from a mini vacation, as BJ just celebrated his birthday!

Last week I was lucky enough to do something that is without a doubt a memory that will last a lifetime. We all know the Space Needle right?

 photo D3F869E1-AE2F-4614-99AF-9800A98A4C04_zpsegn72qik.jpg

Many of us have been to the observation deck…but last week I was able to go to the very top of the Needle.

 photo 593696DD-CBB3-41B0-987C-D2158BB72FAD_zpstuaxeupg.jpg

To put it in perspective…this was the only thing higher…

 photo 08C99972-B4AB-4307-B715-0CCC422E3F9C_zpsifuqbv9k.jpg

Why was I up there? Well to hang out with my new bud, Luke Willson of the Seahawks.

 photo 6B2C7D48-24D2-47B7-B7B4-9E2E99E6E2A7_zpsdsightko.jpg

We were up there to make the big announcement that Luke is joining our show for "The Endzone With Luke Willson" – Tuesday's at 9:15am. This starts on September 15th. Yup…9/15 at 9:15am for you number freaks out there!

Luke even made the announcement on KING 5's Evening Magazine!

While up there, Luke and I chatted about him joining our show. You can tell how windy it was up there with the audio…

Here are some cool pix that our bud Iron Mike Savoia took…

 photo 978CEC5E-4526-4CF4-A308-66464C2D1B7C_zpsbfdwzymu.jpg

 photo 3CB6142A-4E7E-42B0-9360-8C2C1A5D8E03_zpsjnx6abus.jpg

 photo 9DF38440-AAE7-4530-BB06-D0E2A55A2E07_zps2jlu3yia.jpg

Here are some cool pix that my bud Lesley from Focus Photography took in a plane (the Evening Magazine plane) that circled us…you can see us on the top!

 photo cb8ff0fe-d88c-44ea-a3ea-a88c429fb2d4_zpskg6lbagq.jpg

 photo D6FAD6D9-749B-493B-8BC8-BB9CCF277841_zpsbqmgvr6x.jpg

I took some pictures of the scenery while up there…
 photo 34B1CDF6-7040-4D15-8BF5-DB0AAA3003B2_zpsrvgn1wii.jpg

 photo 5562ED3C-A40B-458C-AF1B-448C34746D79_zpscygtuptl.jpg

 photo DB93DD36-FF6E-4E0B-84E6-6E3E02FD8FF4_zps671wqnqk.jpg

Here is a shot of our work …we are the silver building on your right!

 photo 5CC75236-448D-40A7-97F9-ECED83A8B176_zpsob6g49eq.jpg
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