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STP's BLOG 01/30/15 "Craig Gass -- Hawks Super Fan!"

I can't believe we are just a couple days away from the Super Bowl! I am one foot out the door…heading top Arizona to be there for the insanity! Go Hawks!

I wanted to share an awesome…and I mean really AWESOME video our bud Craig Gass put together. He had access to Media Day, and Craig's spin on the day is a blast to watch!

Did you catch marshawn Lynch on Conan? Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski joined Conan for an extreme Super Bowl battle in "Mortal Kombat X."

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BJ'S BLOG 01/30/15 "Lazy Coworker"

I'm sure you're all SUPER BUSY with your Friday workload, but we'd really appreciate you helping out a fellow Rock-A-Holic with some Group Therapy!

We heard from Kevin, who has a coworker is constantly complaining that he can't help out, or take on new projects…but whenever he passes the guy's desk, he's surfing the net or playing a game.

I think we all know this coworker; unfortunately, mine is my son! I guess we should save that nugget for a very personal Group Therapy session, and focus our efforts on helping Kevin. He says that the lazy guy's duty-shirking is a pretty open secret, but no one seems willing to confront the issue. Kevin is pretty tired of everyone else picking up the slack, but he's worried about being perceived as a snitch if he takes this matter to the boss.

What kind of advice do you have for Kevin, friends?

(Oh, and let's not forget this very important parting wish: GO HAWKS!)
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STP's BLOG 01/29/15 "Marshawn"

With all the drama surrounding Marshawn Lynch at Media Day. Mono-Nick whipped up one of his "Stoner Songs" about Beast Mode. With all apologies to Danzig…Go Hawks!

The texters LOVED this song…here are some of the texts we got!

-Nick is KILLIN it! Best stoner song yet!
-This is easily the best Mono Nick song ever.
-Best song yet! Danzig rules too
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BJ'S BLOG 01/29/15 "Super Bowl Commercials"

There are people in the world who don't love football, but still tune into the Super Bowl for the incredible commercials. Big companies, charitable organizations, and film studios all come together to maximize their advertising reach, and they usually try their best to bring the goods to the viewing public.

One company that has definitely raised its profile via a run of sexy Super Bowl commercials is Go Daddy Dot Com. This is definitely an organization that focuses their marketing on the male audience.

This year, Go Daddy is already courting controversy with an ad that parodies a very popular Budweiser commercial featuring a sad puppy who gets adopted at the end. In Go Daddy's version, the puppy is sold online to what appears to be a dog breeder! I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that animal activists have already started howling about this one, and Go Daddy ended up pulling the ad.

Look, I love animals, but some of these people really irritate me, and I'm not just talking about the animal rights folks. I thought the commercial was funny, and completely harmless, but someone always has to red-line the Outrage Meter. Do whatever you'd like to white males in your ads, but if you even make a joke about pets, women, children, non-white ethnicities, or ANYONE who isn't a straight white guy…you're in trouble.

How do you feel about this, gang?

P.S. – No animals were harmed in the making of this blog. We promise.
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STP's BLOG 01/28/15 "Don't Get Fined"

It's all Marshawn Lynch all the time today...but before I get to that... I want to share this trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, as it has a great connection to Sunday's game. I am pretty pumped to see this movie...I loved the first one...but after watching this trailer, I don't know if I should use the word "pumped" to illustrate my excitement!

Once again Marshawn Lynch is the talk of the sports world for…well..not wanting to talk to the media. Man, his press conference was AWESOME yesterday. I love how he makes it very clear what his intentions are for this press conference from the minute he sits down…

I know many of us in the North West find humor in this, but of course on a national level…people don't get it. I saw a bunch of my east coast buds saying mean things about Lynch on social media, all because of this press conference. I think that is beyond stupid that people will base an opinion on someone because of a press conference. I base my opinion him from moments like this… Check out Marshawn's conversation with Entertainment Tonight's special correspondent Michelle Williams.

I love this because A. Because he is an awful singer like me. And B. Because of what he does for kids.

Marshawn Lynch has been able to take his silence with the media and turn it into another endorsement deal. This time, he stars in a commercial for Progressive with ESPN's Kenny Mayne.

Finally…thanks to Hot Kyle for sending me this ridiculous and awesome video. According to this porcupine (named Teddy Bear), the Seahawks are going to win the Super Bowl. It has correctly predicted the winner of the Super Bowl for the last three years.

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BJ'S BLOG 01/28/15 "Kids Clothes"

Hey, gang! Take some time out of your busy day to enjoy some Group Therapy! Someday, the Rock-A-Holic who needs help may be YOU!

We're hoping to offer some assistance to Kim, who has a boyfriend with a 7-year-old son. The kid's mom insists on dressing the young man in shirts that say things like COOL DUDE COMIN' THROUGH, and Kim thinks it's just ridiculous.

For her part, Kim buys the kid some "cooler" clothes when she and his father have custody of him – half of each week – but those clothes go back to his mom's house when he leaves, and they never seem to come back. Kim wants the mom to step up her dressing game, and she also wants to see her own purchases return. If not, she thinks the mom should pay up to make up for it!

Kim, you're heading into dangerous territory here. Like it or not, the kid's mom is his mom, and she's just doing her job. You're not even his stepmother! This is NOT YOUR KID. It's great that you want to be involved with your boyfriend's son, but you make it sound like more of a Cool Kid Contest that you're desperate to win.

Competitive Girlfriend Comin' Through!

Let's hear it from you, cool kids! Is Kim overstepping her boundaries, or is my attitude just out of fashion?

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STP's BLOG 01/27/15 "Skittles Press Conference"

Yesterday, Marshawn Lynch won the internet…hands down. He did a press conference yesterday where he had plenty to say. Was he being interviewed by reporters for the Super Bowl? Of course not! He was interviewed by Skittles…

If you aren't following me on twitter, you really are missing out on some special entertainment that takes less than 140 characters to read. It's a true extension of the intelligence I bring onto the airwaves…

Thanks to Thrill from the Mens Room for chiming in on my tweet…

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BJ'S BLOG 01/27/15 "NFL Hypocrisy"

Hey, kids! Do you like a sporting organization that openly practices double standards, and demonstrates hypocrisy on a regular basis? Look no further than the National Football League!

While the New England Patriots seem to be avoiding trouble, despite the controversy over their saggy balls, our own Marshawn Lynch was recently fined $22,000 for grabbing his crotch during a game, with a warning that the Seahawks will be penalized in game yardage (15 yards per offense) if Lynch does it doing the Super Bowl.

MEANWHILE, the NFL online shop is currently sold out of a framed picture that includes a shot of Marshawn's fineable grab; that's right, the NFL was more than happy to profit from the crotch-grab, to the tune of $150 a pop!

I have no love for the grabbing of one's crotch as a public gesture, but I'm also not a fan of people profiting from hypocrisy. The NFL says the photo collage was an oversight, which is just a lame excuse for being caught out in arrogant, morally deficient behavior.
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STP's BLOG 01/26/15 "An Awesome Send Off"

I have to say…watching the footage of all the Seahawks fans lining the streets around SeaTac to send off the team was pretty damn cool. The love this town has for the team is pretty awesome, and it's cool to see how much love the players have for the fans. I got a kick out of seeing all the players recording the fans on the streets as they drove by. Here is a video that Malcolm Smith posted…

great signs from the #12's. I love it thank you!

A video posted by Malcolm Smith (@malcsmitty) on

It was also cool seeing the players cheesing it up for the camera while at the Pro Bowl last night.

At the Pro Bowl with the fellas

A photo posted by Cliff Avril (@cliffavril) on

As soon as they got off the plane in Arizona, a bunch of the players were thrown right into the fire for a press conference. Once again Richard Sherman made some news for his comments on if he thinks the Patriots will be punished for the deflated balls controversy…

The hightlight of his press conference though, was him getting annoyed with a reporter…telling him that his question was on a pre-school level (he asked Richard if he thought he was still the best corner in the game).

Finally, I have to give a big thank you to my friend Angel. She had a meeting with Jordan Hill of the Seahawks, and our station came up & how I am a big fan…so Jordan sent me a message….

 photo jordan hill stp_zps6dyxx5ad.jpg
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BJ'S BLOG 01/26/15 "Oreos, Deflated Balls, and Justin Bieber"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders,

Why do those three totally unrelated topics seem to fit together so well? Let us start with Oreos. Red Velvet is here, a red-tinged chocolaty cookie with a cream cheese-type filling instead of the traditional filling. These cookies are set to hit stores nationwide on February 2, Groundhog Day. This does not mean I'll make a hog out of myself, but I am planning on following the delivery truck and stockpiling since the Red Velvet Oreo will be sold only for six to eight weeks. While much to the horror of many, I'm sure, I have never been a big Oreo fan, but this one I will try.

Before we get to Justin Bieber, let us speak for a minute about deflated balls (now stay with me and don't get confused. I mean footballs, of course). Even non-sports fans must have heard about this story. The NFL discovered that 11 of the 12 footballs the Patriots used to trounce the Colts were underinflated by 2 pounds. Imagine 32 ounces of pigskin making a 45-7 win possible when in fact the Patriots would have won 21-7 if all they had were LeGarrette Blount's 3 rushing touchdowns. That's rushing, not throwing and catching, but rushing, as in running and running. In high school our coach use to throw what felt like rocks at us in practice because it got us ready for regulation footballs, which were somewhat softer and easier to catch than the hard ones in practice. Softer footballs, which are also easier to intercept if you can get your hands on them, wouldn't explain this 38-point difference. Cheating is cheating, though, and there will be more on that in the podcast.

Now from deflated balls to no, er, what is the word? Hmm. Ah, nuts. Comedy Central is going to roast Justin Bieber. It's unclear whether he will be skewered first, but one can always hope. It seems the Biebe has always wanted to be skewered, I mean roasted, and Comedy Central said the only reason it hasn't been done yet is there was not enough material until now. The date has not been set, but I have a line for the roasting: when Justin lays an egg, he throws it at his neighbor's house (crowd erupts with laughter, Bieber cackles).

I have no idea what else will be on the shores of Rambling Harbor, but join me there and we'll find out together.

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