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I tried watching the BCS game but wow was that a beatdown. The highlight had nothing to do with the game, butwhen ESPN announcer Brent Musburger started going nuts about ‘Bama’s QB A.J. McCarron's girlfriend when the camera caught her in the stands. His girlfriend is She's Katherine Webb, the reigning Miss Alabama….atta boy AJ!

The best part of this story....before she was featured on TV she had 1000 followers on Twitter, and after one night alone...she gained 90,000 new followers.  Shockingly 89,997 of them were men.

So apparently people that live by the Pier are not happy with the light shows that the Great Wheel does…one resident complained that it feels like you are in the middle of an amusement park. The people that run the Great Wheel have voluntarily limited the hours of the light show because of it. I don’t know what it’s like to live right there, but I would think it would be cool to have that light show to watch from your home…but again, I don’t live there to experience this:

I know who would love to have this outside your window…people that enjoy hallucinogenic drugs, ecstasy, or stoners! You could get rid of your TV, face your couch to your window and enjoy the show!

Last night my wife and I watched the season premiere of the Bachelor. I know I know…whatever, it’s my guilty pleasure…and based on last night…some of these girls are Bat ESS crazy! One girl is into cats and 50 Shades Of Grey, another showed up wearing a wedding dress, and another is missing an arm! I have no issues with the armless lady, but she was convinced that if he doesn’t pick her it’s because she doesn’t have an arm…that could be so, but I wouldn’t give her a rose because A. She wasn’t that attractive, B. She seemed nuts, and C. She was immediately playing the “woe is me I’m armless” card. They should call this show “BLD”, which why I am thoroughly entertained by it. But I do realize I have a problem, they had one returning girl from a past season…and I actually caught myself saying “oh sweet, Kacie B is back…I like her”. Man card revoked.

Al Roker was on Dateline over the weekend, and shared a shocking story…

Wow. I mean, just wow! Does that mean that he left his dirty undies in the bathroom at the White House? That’s epic. That could be considered a form of terrorism, all better be prepared for a visit from Secret Service holding a roll of Charmin. Geez Al!

Based on Al Roker’s story of having an “accident” at the White House…what about you…it doesn’t have to be an “accident” like he had…but when did you pull an “Al Roker” and have something embarrassing happen at the worst place possible? Here are the texts we received:

I was at the beach with my boyfriend and his friends and my bikini string came undone when I got out of the water. I was 15 at the time

My fiance pulled down her pants to fart on her brother and sharted on him
Once I stepped onto a bus, and the crotch of my pants ripped open. This caused my business to pop out in front of the bus driver. J.U.I.

Was at church. Had a boner and had to get up for communion. Boxers and slacks can't hide boner.

I used to hook up with my bros wifes friend and we got busy in her car and i left some butt stains on the seat.

My girl was giving me oral negotiations and my dog ran up and licked her face and my boys. We couldn't stop laughing after we pushed him away

Had a raging “excitement” at a pool party when i was about 16 an my buddy pantsed me right in front of my girlfriend and her friends. i was boner boy from then on.

Yesterday we spoke with John Moffitt of the Seattle Seahawks…John is one of the stars of the Real Rob Report – a online show that Michael Robinson of the Hawks puts together…look it up on You Tube…it’s an awesome video of the guys on the Hawks hanging out in the locker room. In a recent episode, Michael Robinson had a great question for Moffitt about who he would want to be endorsed by, and John said he would love to be the spokesperson for Manny’s beer. Solid choice John!

John Moffitt said that if he could endorse any product it would be Manny’s beer…what about you? If you could endorse a product (or a brand), what would it be? Here are the texts we received:

I would endorse the BJ Shea show so I could smoke weed with mono nick.

I would endorse rouge brewery & distillery, they are based out of oregon but they also have the issaquah brewhouse up here. They have amazing great quality beer, their rum and gin is so unique and tasty and they use local ingredients as much as they can. Love them –​marina

If I'm endorsing a product and not a business, it would be Men's Room Red. My go to beer whenever I have a choice. Love that stuff! –​Bjorn

I would endorse Durex condoms for keeping me std free, but also sue them for enabling my perv ways.

I'd endorse Ford Motors. I promote them in any way that I can. 80% of my modeling photos feature me wearing Ford Ovals of some sort. DEDICATED TO FORD! –​ Meghan

I'd endorse Victoria's secret, it's the gift that keeps on giving! Kelly the Ford guy in issaquah...

Today's Video Blog features another cool moment from my time at Monster Jam over the weekend. Robosaurus was at Monster Jam at the Tacoma Dome! Fire Breathing Robot Car + Car split in half = Awesome time!

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