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2009 nearly done and over with!  The Top 999 Countdown is going by way fast this year!  I don't mind working this time of the year as it's kinda chill and I get caught up on stuff I may have forgotten amist the chaos of the holidays.

So last night I went and saw Avatar in 3D at the Neptune in the U District.  What a great movie!  Touching story.....and the effects!!  I highly suggest it.  Great escapeism ( that a word? ha!) movie! 

Did you hear about the passing of Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan?  Last night at his home in Huntington Beach CA.  I've hung/interviewed/had cocktails with him over the years....really nice guy.  Whatta shame. 

I gotta boogie!


12/29/2009 3:20PM
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