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2 Days to Remember

Lets face it, Dec 7th & 8th each year will be dates that live in infamy to the world. The 7th being the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the 8th with the surprise killings of The Beatles' John Lennon (12/8/80) and Pantera's "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott (12/8/04). A little known musical fact: Among the 1,177 USS Arizona crewmen killed, Pearl Harbor attack, were all 21 members of the USS Arizona’s band. Known as U.S. Navy Band Unit (NBU) 22, most of its members were up on deck preparing to play music for the daily flag raising ceremony when the attack began. At no other time in American history has an entire military band died in action.

Similar surprise attacks happened to one of the greatest and influential rock music legends & one of the most influential metal guitarists that ever lived. John Lennon outside his apartment building and "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott onstage while performing. Both men shot with 4 bullets each. Sad days for millions around the world.


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12/08/2011 4:14PM
2 Days to Remember
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