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30 for 30

    What up blogger? ESPN has been running these one hour movies and they are doing 30 of them to celebrate 30 years on the air. So thats the 30 for 30. They have had some great ones so far. My favorite up to this point was the U, about the Miami college football team in the 80's and early 90's. They have had one on A I and other things. They are really good and all the movies are made by film directors. Last night was on Ricky Williams the running back. Now I was always one of those guy's that belived he left his carrer in the NFL to go get high on pot. Side note I have no issue at all with pot but if your job say's you can't then you can't. This is yet another reason I am behide legaltion of weed and not just de-crimnaillation. Anyhow I will say this after watching the movie on him. I have no idea what goes on in his mind. I don't think he is a total a**hole but I also don't think he does some things right. He seems to be a nice guy deep down but his mind just works so differnt then mine does so it is very hard to understand. I will say this he is a differnt guy and I think everyone should watch this movie and see what they think. Run Ricky Run was the name of it and it had my mind running all night.

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04/28/2010 9:37AM
30 for 30
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