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A-Rod 8/7/13

    So today again I am writing about people who should just stop it already. I mean seriously is there anyone that watches sports that does not think Alex Rodriguez did PED's which are performance enhancing drugs. My problem with A-Rod is he got caught once and when he got caught he was in my mind not completely honest and the I sorry was half hearted. So now what happened is he got caught again and now how decided to fight it. See when you get caught it is ok but when you lie and continue to lie over and over then people get mad and don't trust you. Why would I believe him at all, I think like most I just assume that he has been popping PED's the whole time. I also think the guy is just disconnected for some odd reason. Yes he says the right things and act's very nice to the media but that is my point it is a act. Now am I sure it is a act no but I am not sure anything about this guy other than he seems like a spoiled brat. You got caught so take your money and your suspension and go. He was offered a plea deal and has choose to fight which means in the end I hope they ban him for life. Alex Rodriguez should just act like a man and a grown up and take his punishment, he knows what he took

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08/07/2013 2:06PM
A-Rod 8/7/13
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