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Aerosmith & Cheap Trick Still Rocking The Goods

Here we go again, another year gone by and some of the great rock bands of our 70s/80s past still kicking ass in (correct this is not a typo) 2012! Yeah 2012, can you believe it!? Opening the show was Cheap Trick! As they hit the stage, screaming from the sound system with a pleasant female voice was “Please welcome the best f**king rock band you’ve ever seen, Cheap Trick!” Original members Robin Zander - Lead Vocals & Guitar/Tom Petersson - Bass/Rick Nielsen - Lead Guitar came out and did an great set of hits including "Dream Police," "I Want You to Want Me," "The Flame" but the show stopper was "Surrender" when our very own Duff McKagan jumped onstage and played guitar with the band! Thanks to Duff's wife Susan Holmes McKagan for getting this shot onstage of Duff & Rick and letting me use it for the blog! Aerosmith's Brad Whitford even came out and played on "Ain't That A Shame".

As an old Cheap Trick fan original drummer Bun E. Carlos was sorely missed with his iconic looking stature and cigarette toking playing behind the band but tour drummer Daxx (Rick's son), did a kick ass job! Let's face it, 75% of the time you are looking at guitarist Rick Nielson anyways so no Bun E. was tolerable. Rick is still as active as ever on stage (except his jumps might be in inches now instead of a foot plus) throwing probably 300+ guitar picks out to the crowd during the set. Tom still is as classy as ever on bass and even though Robin's voice has shown some range age, he's still the man behind the great hits we all know, love and sing and was great. To view Cheap Trick show photos go to KISW's FACEBOOK or WEBSITE and visit   

Aerosmith, what can ya say? Steven Tyler still has it, Joe Perry still kills it on the 6-string, Joey Kramer still pounds with the best, Tom Hamilton is still one of the coolest cats in rock on bass and Brad Whitford, Mr. cool calm and collectively dangerous on guitar. Forty years of music and look at just some of the songs in the setlist: Draw the Line/Love in an Elevator/Same Old Song and Dance/Livin' on the Edge/Last Child/Rag Doll/Come Together/Rats In The Cellar/Sweet Emotion/Walk This Way/Dream On/Train Kept A-Rollin' etc. Just to think this band was nearly done not long ago before Steven took the judging job on American Idol. Thank goodness they patched things up and are out there saving the asses of rock arenas around the world. Scares me to think what's gonna happen to rock arena shows when icons like Aerosmith, Kiss, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, etc. go away. Aerosmith still have a lot in the tank and if Steven Tyler can keep healthy I see them selling out arenas for years to come.

The best-selling American rock band of all time (150 million records sold) did not disappoint the Tacoma Dome with their "Global Warming Tour". Great visual show and simple yet effective extended stage to let Steven and Joe rock right in the crowd! Expect the new Aerosmith CD (their fifteenth studio album) "Music from Another Dimension", to be released on November 6, 2012. To view Aerosmith show photos go to KISW's FACEBOOK or WEBSITE and also visit to keep up on all the new Aerosmith CD and tour news! 

See everyone at the next big rock show August 18th with Kiss/Motley Crue at the White River Amphitheatre - "Iron" Mike -  KISW Blogs - Facebook


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08/09/2012 11:56PM
Aerosmith & Cheap Trick Still Rocking The Goods
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