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Awards 2/27/13

    So last weekend was the Oscars and I watched them. I liked the fact that Seth MacFarlane was the host and thought he was funny. Now as I said on the show on Monday I get all sides of the Oscar arguments. I do agree on one hand that it is just a bunch of rich people patting themselves on the back but on the same token we watch all these peoples movies so why would they not want us to watch them get awards. I would also say this that everyone gets a hard time sometimes and some of these people take themselves way too seriously. Look at Daniel Day Lewis (no relation to Ray) he won for best actor and known to be a very serious actor but was he upset with the jokes no he was laughing. Hell the guy was even cracking jokes during his acceptance speech. When I watch shows like that as well I start thinking about what awards I would like to win. I do think a Oscar would be cool since its a gold statue and is very iconic. I would just roll up to clubs and parties and say yeah I am on the list then flash my Oscar and walk in. A Grammy is gold as well but I can't sing so no chance of that one. Another award I would like very much is a peoples choice award not because it is a cool statue but because I like what its about and then I could call myself the Peoples Champ. 

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02/27/2013 5:41PM
Awards 2/27/13
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