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BJ?S BLOG 11/02/12 ?John Koster?

On the show yesterday, Steve talked about the latest politician to be getting heat over their thoughts on rape/abortion, and he’s in our own back yard. 
 Republican congressional candidate John Koster is in under fire after he gave his two cents about what he called the “rape thing.” 
He first starts off by saying that he knows a woman who was raped and gave up the child for adoption without any regrets.
Then he says, "But on the rape thing, it's like, how does putting more violence onto a woman's body and taking the life of an innocent child that's a consequence of this crime, how does that make it better?" 
You can hear what he said here: 

The thing that kills me is how he says that he knew a woman who was raped and she gave up the kid and she is happy she did. Well, that’s because she had a choice! Pro-choice is about being able to do what you feel is right whether it is to abort, give up, or keep the baby. Pro-Life takes some of your choices away. No one is going to get mad at someone if they got raped and they decided to raise the resulting child because you have that right here in America.  
This is all because Pro-Life is steeped in religion. Has anyone ever met someone who was Pro-Life and not religious? Probably not. 
The fact of the matter is that abortion is legal and it doesn’t affect those who are religious because they wouldn’t get one anyways so why is this a political issue?
Can we stop mixing religion in politics please? Talking about one is bad enough so when they get thrown into the mix together, it’s just unbearable.  

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11/02/2012 8:55AM
BJ’S BLOG 11/02/12 “John Koster”
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11/02/2012 11:02AM
I agree
For most women it takes years, if not even their entire lifetime until they have processed being raped and have learnt to carry on with their lives somewhat normally. Some women may be capable of carrying this child and even raise it, but I am pretty sure most of the time it's not possible. Looking at your baby and being reminded that he is a result of the worst day of your life..Some people may try to look at it in a positive light and say: Yes, she's a result of this awful crime, but also the best thing(the baby) that ever happened in my life. But I think that isn't very realistic and only sounds good in theory. Abortion of course isn't just easily dealt with. It's not as if the women who choose this option are cold and heartless. They grieve, they hurt and can have bad depressions, sometimes a lifetime. I don't hear anybody talking about the rapists! How about we try do do more against these crimes than putting the victims up there as the bad people?? If abortion becomes illegal, that doesn't help anybody. Think of all those kids who are not wanted, have to live through an awful childhood because of that and may result in a lifetime of troubles... So abortion in general: Education and prevention is key. Overall our kids need to feel safe to discuss sex with parents, teachers etc. so that they CAN make smarter choices. They need to be able to get birth control without parents consent. If they want to have sex and think they are ready, then they are going to do it anyways. Of course I wouldn't be happy if my 13 year old is sexually active, but I'd be waayyyy less happier if I had a 13 year old pregnant daughter.. Interesting though how many families abort their baby after finding out that that they may have physical and/or mental disabilities??Doctors claim in these cases that the mothers health may be at risk if she carries this baby(!). What about the risks of a late term abortion? And enough of those women are self claimed Christians.So that's become acceptable.. Whole other huge topic I could go on for hours.. You are right BJ, mixing religion and politics has never worked out to the benefit of any country. We don't really learn from history after all!
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