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BJ?s Blog 11/01/12 ?Craigslist Friends?

Yesterday, I read an email I received from Eric that really made no sense to me. In all the time I’ve done Group Therapy or done topics on the radio, I’ve never heard of something like this before.
Eric travels a lot for work and he gets tired of eating alone so what he’s been doing for a long time is he goes on Craigslist to look for dinner dates; they both go Dutch and there is no after dinner treats.” 

The problem is…his wife is not happy about this! That’s right, he’s married and she think this is as bad as cheating!

I don’t understand why someone would want to go eat with perfect strangers they find on possibly sketchy websites. 

A texter suggested that he look for people in his same field of work on a site Linkedin to have dinner with so that way he’s networking as well as he gets a companion during meals. 
I get that he probably just enjoys being around female energy but that is a dangerous line to walk.

Would Eric be ok with his wife having dinner dates with random men from the internet while he’s away?  

Even though it’s platonic, the more time you spend around a woman and enjoy her company, the more you will want to take it further with her, especially if you’re lonely.


11/01/2012 9:41AM
BJ’s Blog 11/01/12 “Craigslist Friends”
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