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 BJ Shea

BJ's BLOG 01/06/10 "Felons Voting?"

STP read a story about incarcerated felons having the right to vote here in the state of Washington to ensure racial minorities are protected under the voting rights act of the federal appeals court. That struck a cord with me because if they would have said we want to protect every American’s right to vote whether they were a felons or not, I would have agreed but they are trying to protect minorities!

Of the 18,000 felons, 37.1% are racial minorities, and it’s because of the single mother situation we have in the country and no one wants to look at that. I don’t want felons to be able to make decisions about our government when they are idiots, and can’t even stay out of jail! They don’t even have to wait to go out on probation or parole; they can get their right to vote while they are still behind bars!

In Ann Coulter’s book, she references information from the US Department of Statistics that states that the majority of African American prisoners come from single parents or broken homes! The number of white prisoners and black prisoners who came from two parent homes was equal, but the number inmates that came from single parent homes was disproportionate because it was mostly African Americans!

This ruling is ridiculous, and it’s with bad information that these judges made this decision. It has nothing to do with what ethnicity they are but how they were raised!

01/06/2010 11:26AM
BJ's BLOG 01/06/10 "Felons Voting?"
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