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 BJ Shea

BJ's BLOG 04/18/11 "Kobe"

Last week we talked about how Kobe Bryant was being fined $100,000 after he mouthed a homophobic slur to a referee after getting a technical foul.

Many pro gay groups were outraged when cameras filmed him mouthing the words “f***ing” and a word that rhymes with “maggot” at a game.

Now I was listening to another radio show the other day and they were saying that what Kobe did was inexcusable and that even if they were hit with a hammer, they would not say those same words.

Come on people, are you telling me that you never in your life have been in such a huge fit of rage that you’ve uttered words that could be offensive to someone? All of us have said horrible things in a heat of anger before, right?

They also said that it’s a true test of a man to see how he reacts when he gets angry and I was annoyed by that. Kobe was in moment where he got really pissed off; I don’t believe that someone could be a racist, a sexist or a homophobe based on the fact that he said two words when he was that angry.

What I want to know is what are we supposed to say when we are angry? When I’m mad, I want to be mean because we all know it helps you vent the frustration of your pain, it’s true for everyone.

In fact, today we read a survey out of Keele University in Staffordshire, England that proves that swearing is an effective pain killer! In fact, people who swore after suffering some genuine pain felt 400% less pain than people who didn’t.

What can we say to really help us out? There are so many words out there that I am not allowed to say because it will hurt someone’s feelings, but when I’m feeling physical or emotional pain, I just feel better when I let them out. I am just so tired of the fact that somebody gets judged because they get pissed off for 20 seconds and therefore are forever seen as that angry hateful person.

04/18/2011 5:59AM
BJ's BLOG 04/18/11 "Kobe"
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