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 BJ Shea

BJ's BLOG 05/06/11 "Suicide By Cop"

We talked about the 58-year-old former vet from Kent who was shot by police on Wednesday morning. After the incident, his daughters told the authorities that he was depressed and was looking for a way to die.

He had separated from his wife of 20 years a few years ago and he was diagnosed as terminally ill. Along with all that, he was also suffering from diabetes, hepatitis C, and cirrhosis of the liver.

The man, who has not been identified, paid a taxi driver $500 to drive him around for the day in order for the man to acquire some specific items. The taxi driver later became concerned when he noticed that the man had a pistol grip shotgun and had bought ammunition, so he called the police. After police arrived on the scene and yelled for him to drop his weapon, the man moved his left hand towards his gun and that’s when they fired the shots that killed him.

This is a sad story in a lot of ways. I don’t understand why people think that “suicide by cop” is a good way to go. If you want to end your own life, why would you bring innocent people into it? They don’t think about the lives of the officer’s that they’re ruining. These officers are the ones who have to live the rest of their lives with the fact that they had to take someone’s life.

This was truly a tragedy and the fact that people are so selfish and will do this to cops, is a lame thing to do.

Granted, the guy who did this had a lot of medical and emotional issues and it makes you wonder if he was being taken care of properly. It is possible his injuries and/or medical problems were a result of him being a U.S. military veteran.

It also makes me wonder that if he was terminally ill, why didn’t he receive a morphine drip and die in a hospital bed? It could be possible that he wasn’t eligible to receive an assisted suicide. A listener texted in saying that many insurance companies won’t pay the family when someone dies via suicide, but that still doesn’t mean that what this Kent man did was the only option he could take.

It’s unfortunate that if someone is suffering everyday with constant depression and physical pain, that they can’t take control and be able to end their own life when they know they are ready.

The government has to see what kind of an effect this would have. If this man could have committed suicide with the aid of a hospital, then the only people hurt would have been his family. Instead, he involved his family, the police officers, and their families. Now, they all have to live with the trauma of this misfortune for the rest of their lives.

What if he would have shot and killed an officer? Let’s face it; allowing people to commit assisted suicide will end up saving lives.

05/06/2011 5:19AM
BJ's BLOG 05/06/11 "Suicide By Cop"
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