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 BJ Shea

BJ's BLOG 10/18/11 "Charity"

Yesterday, during Group Therapy, I read an email from Justin who was having problems with his company.

His company is a part of a charity and even though participation was required, donating is not; however, he has to respond to emails saying he doesn’t want to donate. The only reason Justin thinks they are being pressured so much into donating is because their CEO of their company is also a chairman for the charity.

Justin wanted to know if it was right that he had to go out of his way to say that he doesn’t want to donate, or if other companies do this as well.

The fact that he has to respond to these emails just to say “no” is a very lame, strong armed tactic by the boss.

I believe that charities are like religion; it should be something personal and you shouldn’t be questioned or forced to participate in a charity that you don’t think is for you…just like you shouldn’t participate in a religion you don’t think is for you.

We had a listener named Tim call in telling us the company he used to work for used to chase him around just to donate; at that point, you know it’s no longer a charity, but a religion.

Whenever somebody thinks they have an idea that everyone should follow and then forces it on them, it becomes a religion, and religions can be dangerous. Don’t believe me? Look at September 11th.

Never donate to a cause you don’t believe in, find a charity that suits your life and give to that; don’t let anyone push you to do otherwise.

10/18/2011 4:46AM
BJ's BLOG 10/18/11 "Charity"
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