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BJ's Blog 01/04/10 Entitlement?

Today Glenn The Toolbox called into the show after he heard that we hired Vicky Barcelona onto the show and he was rather upset.  Glenn felt that with all the hard work that he has done over the years as our “Freak on the Street,” he should have been considered for the job.  In Glen’s eyes, the fact that we hired Vicky is like a “slap in his face” since he was never told about the open job position, and feels that he would have been a strong candidate for the show.  Glenn had a confrontational tone when on the phone, which is never a good idea when you are trying to be noticed for a job.  I hope that Glenn, and those that have a similar mindset like Glenn walked away with some valuable life lessons from this conversation.

I brought this analogy up this morning, if you are a electrician, and all you know is that field of work, you shouldn’t be upset if you don’t get the job as a plumber.  Just because Glenn does a lot of on the street bits for us, doesn’t mean that he can do the tasks that are needed in the job that was open for Vicky Barcelona.  The very qualities that make some guys like Glenn great at “Street Bits” are the very things that Vicky doesn’t have.  We wouldn’t hire Vicky as a “Freak on the Street,” nor would she even be considered for that kind of job because that is not what she is skilled at.  That being said, I also wouldn’t be able to be a street guy like Glenn because I’m too buttoned up of a kind of guy that needs to have all his ducks lined up in a row. 

In order to do the “Freak on the Street” stuff, you have to be aggressive, you have to be annoying, and you have to break rules.  There are great guys in the industry that do great work like Glenn, but I wouldn’t hire them to do the job that Vicky will be doing because their skill sets are not what we need for this show.  A great “Street Guy” does not mean that they can perform all the tasks that Vicky will be doing, and a lot of the “Street Guys” are pains in the back side.  But those “pains” are absolutely great at what they do, and I would hire them for that job. 

That is the point that Glenn was missing.  You have to know what you are good at, and what you are not good at.  Like I told Glenn this morning, “If I needed a full-time Street Guy, than you would be the front runner for that job, but your skill set to be a behind the scenes, assistant producer for our show...No.  I’m not saying that you don’t have the skill set to be an assistant producer type for someone else’s show, but I have high standards and you do not have those abilities.” 

I don’t know if Glenn will ever have those abilities, but that is something that he needs to think about the next time a job opens up like this.  It’s easy to lay blame on others for being passed up on a job, but what he should do is look in the mirror and reevaluate what he is skilled at. 

01/05/2010 2:50AM
BJ's Blog 01/04/10 Entitlement?
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