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BJ's Blog 01/25/10 "Flying Saucer Pizza"

Today’s blog is not a rant but a review of a restaurant that has now become my new geek hangout; it’s Flying Saucer Pizza in Redmond. I have wanted to go here for months, but something has always come up & I have yet to make it there until this past weekend, and it blew my mind.

These guys have been a part of the KISW Perks in the past, and one time they delivered Pizza to the station.  So I’ve had the pizza before, and it was great, but it’s really about the experience. This place is like a geek paradise…they have great sci-fi movies playing on the big screen, amazing 1950’s sci-fi memorabilia up on the walls, and they have trivia contests! My wife and I entered the trivia contest, we called ourselves “Team Tardis” (I have to show love for Doctor Who, especially since Billie Piper will be on the show on Wednesday at 6:20 am), and we came in third place. Of all of the questions to miss, I missed a Star Trek question.  Yes, I can name the plot & episode number of pretty much every Star Trek episode, and quote lines from those episodes, but somehow I spaced on the question.  Quick aside, if you are doing a trivia contest…put your damn cell phone away, with the ability of going online on your phone, it would be so easy to cheat.

The menu doesn’t just have pizza, but they have calzones, pastas, and salads.  It’s a fantastic place with amazing food and I highly recommend it! The Pizzas have great names too:  the Big Bang, Asteroid Belt, and Ming the Merciless are just a few of the names of Pizzas there…Check them out at:

01/25/2010 10:45AM
BJ's Blog 01/25/10 "Flying Saucer Pizza"
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01/25/2010 1:11PM
What was the question? Kinda interesting to know what question made you space out. I'm not in WA anymore, but if I ever head up there, I'll have to remember to check that place out.
01/25/2010 6:55PM
Hey, this is Scott, the trivia host at flying saucer pizza, and I wanted to thank you for mentioning us! I am so glad you had a good time. Kinda funny though, I have been a fan of YOUR show for a long time, and I didn't even recognize your voice at all. I was cracking up when I realized... Anyway, you and your wife were a delight to have, and I hope we see Team Time And Relative Distance In Space soon! Have a great week.
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