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BJ's BLOG 07/23/10 "My Message For The Haters"

All this week I have been posting videos about the comments we have received regarding the new sound of the show, mainly the fact that we play music.  I have been up late every night all this week answering all of the Facebook, Twitter, and email messages in regards to the new format change. My goal has always been to provide the best customer service to my listeners as I can and that why I felt the need to stay up past my normal bed time to respond to everyone but I have to tell you I’ve never been so frustrated in my life! 

I would have to say that a good number of Facebookers and loyal fans are cool but there are a few that aren’t. I don’t mind being criticized on my pages but I’m not going to put up with people who advertise other shows on my wall. McDonalds would not let someone put a sign in their store promoting another fast food restaurant so why should I stand for these posts on my business website?

Here’s an idea, if you hate me and the show so much, why not instead of going on a campaign against me (which only promotes me even more), you just stop listening?  What does all this rioting do for you? Does it bring you more money or get you a job because I have to tell you, if you do succeed and I do get fired, they aren’t going to give you my job. If they throw me out of here, they would just bring someone else in and you would still be a miserable human being because you are never happy with anything.

I know there are loyal listeners out there, but how loyal are you if you threaten to go somewhere else? How is that supposed to make me feel like you have my back? I also tried to explain it last night and to give the new show a chance, but I still get the negative feedback.

People have to understand that if we don’t get ratings, then this show will not be on. How do we get our ratings? By serving our people! How do we serve our people? By putting out surveys and our survey came back and told us that many of you do want to listen to music every now and then. The reality is you are getting our show for free, but there is a price for free and this is what has to happen.

For all you super haters you can just tune out, but for our real loyal fans, we are trying to adjust to this new format…thank you for your time and patience.

07/23/2010 5:52AM
BJ's BLOG 07/23/10 "My Message For The Haters"
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07/23/2010 6:10AM
Man im only hatin on kisw for one reason........wheres my damn android app for my droid......i hate the iphone because of the fact that its regulated so much by apple......screw the iphone! and for all you haters out there stop whining......i dont dump friends because they decided to stop drinkin or something....get over it....kisw rocks.....even if bj was on for twenty minutes id still listen u ungratefull bastards.... get a life u sound like my newborn. I LOVE HATERS....LOL
07/23/2010 6:11AM
BJ, you guys do what you have to we as listeners should support you in whatever decisions you have to make thats what life is all about
07/23/2010 6:21AM
Joseph Saulnier
Hey BJ, I am actually enjoying the new format of the show. You have addressed my concerns, which are the music and toppys laugh being gone, and I understand why these things are being done. I actually dont mind the music much, I just wish it wasnt so much. For example, prior to the new format I would hear you on the radio a significant amount of time on my morning drive (about 20 of 25-30 minutes). But yesterday and today I only heard 5 minutes of actual show and the rest of the time was commercials and music. Maybe if you kept the music, but not as much. I know I am only one voice, but I thought I might like to get my 2 cents out there. I will keep listening, especially because I love the fact that you have podcasts for days I cant listen. I actually cancelled my Sirius subscription because I found myself listening to you more than anything on there. Keep up the great work!
07/23/2010 7:59AM
Matt Curtis
Do all of the haters get all upset when they change their underwear every morning? Life is full of changes, and the only way to deal with them is to accept them and give them a chance or whine about it and never be satisfied.. I admit im not the most thrilled about the whole music thing but hey, I can deal with it and still get a good dose of my Bj a day! Love the show and the changes have grown on me and I wish you and your staff the best of luck.. Thanks for being there every morning for my listening enjoyment.. Matt
07/23/2010 8:00AM
Heather Bowen
I agree move on if you dont like the change. They shouldnt be on your fan page, if they are no longer fans. To me people have nothing better to do with their lives then to harass others. Anyways I am just happy that we get to keep listening.
07/23/2010 8:06AM
BJ, I am not real happy about the new format but will continue to listen sporatically. I watched the blog with Thrill the other day and I like the way they do it. 1 song an hour. Just another D-Bags opinion here. Do what you want and I will listen when I want. Thanks and look forward to hearing you for the years to come.
07/23/2010 8:14AM
For what its worth, I like the new format.
07/23/2010 8:18AM
You guys are great! I love the show and have been listening for years. I think people are going thru some withdrawls with the new format. It seems like there is not enough of you guys in the show. RR is almost non exsistant, and Toppys laugh puts people in a good mood in the morning. Peoples dramatic reaction is a true sign of your success. People dont like change. I think your research is based on people not knowing what they really want, and a bunch of whining. So I cant wait to see what the ratings show. While I am not as passionate as others, I hope the new format fails miserably and fast. I miss my boys!!!!!! Still listening, but channel surfing... Big Fan, Dewey
07/23/2010 8:45AM
BJ, I understand that the changes in the show are necessary, especially since you are working to get to the next level in your career, which is syndication. I'm ok with the music, but can we have just a little less of it. Instead of two songs in a row,commercials and promotions, perhaps we can have one song, etc. Just a suggestion.
07/23/2010 8:54AM
Cadet Acker
Hey, BJ. Your shows changes are just fine in my opinion. Life is full of changes we all need to deal with. The changes made in your show I think has set a new tone and had listening more enjoyable. As my Air Force cadre would say, Dont complain unless you have a solution to fix what you dont like. Rock on guys
07/23/2010 9:08AM
B.J., fact of the matter is, youre show has been an abortion since day 1, and will continue to be an abortion. But that is the reason we love it so much!! Ive been listening since you started on the first station, Ive followed you here, I attend all your events, hell... I even died on your show once!! If people cantt handle change, then let them find some other jackass to listen to. Cause youre OUR jackass and I wouldnt trade it for anything!! Keep up the good work...
07/23/2010 9:17AM
Justin Johnson
Hey BJ, I just read your blog and I wanted you to know that what you say makes 100 percent complete sense and i agree completely. I think you should also know that i am not a fan, not because i dont like you or the show but i just dont like talk radio. The reason i say this is because i do think the addition of some music might make me more apt to tune you guys in the morning. Thanks for reading this and keep your head up..
07/23/2010 9:38AM
Steve Karrasch
BJ, Over the years you have taught me to man up and own my own life and for that i thank you. I feel this is one time you must do the same. You are owning your choice to change the show while at the same time slamming the people who love what you were. I understand blocking the idiots, but dont keep on this 1% rant. Listen again to your ^am hour from this week about your take on Apples customer service and apply it to your own situation. If you REALLY feel that this is the best move for your show, and i know you do, then stand by it and make it the best show it can be, stop belittling the retards out there. We know they are stupid and you are looking just as dumb carrying on this battle. Like i said on FB, i will tune back in time to time to see if things change but this format does not work for me and you have lost me and a few of my friends as listeners. All the best and i hope all talk comes back. -Steve
07/23/2010 10:11AM
ok ok we get it you did a survey. what exactly were the results? I am a fan of the show and do tune in over the internet. The reason I do tune in is to listen to you, RR and Toppy banter back and forth. If I tune in and get less than that why tune in at all? I can listen to music here in my home market. I have been critical of the changes for one reason. You said many years ago that Radio for music was dead. I feel that the show has become just like the others. I do still get to listen to you in the mornings but it just isnt the same. If you are loosing sleep over the reaction of the fans then that in its self should tell you things are wrong. If it is just a few of us and we should go listen to another station, why are you loosing sleep over that?
07/23/2010 10:48AM
Sneaky Pete
Im with Tina on this one. I understand where you are going and why the changes were made. I find it odd that we the non-music crowd are in the majority but if those are the numbers, then I cant argue. But as Tina has suggested, let the music roll, just please, do a little less of it. We tune in because of you. You have hundreds(?) of thousands of listeners not because you played music, but because you were you. We love what you do. We identify with you. We didnt start listening because you played Nickleback from time to time, we tuned in because of the topics you covered and your neurotic antics. People dont watch Dr Drew and his house of idiots because they play cool background music. They watch because of the train wreck circus side shows he puts on display for all of us. Some of my favorite moments of your show is you cutting deep into Dub Trub. Sometimes I had to pull over to keep from getting into a wreck and I have had to clean coffee off my windshield more than once from the spit takes you have induced. So please, we get it, you have to become a structured on time every time show now and you have to play music to appease the masses and allow for extended commercials in the syndicated market. It all makes sense. But the two to three songs per break is minimizing you and your boys to a point of irrelevance. So here is my passionate plea as well, please less music. I know we are not getting no music as an option, but at least minimize the music rather than yourself.
07/23/2010 11:01AM
You know what BJ, I feel your pain!! I work for a cel phone company and i get people calling me telling me that they are loyal customers but if we dont do one thing or another for them they will leave and go to another company. You know how me and all my coworkers feel about people like that, fine, go. If you were loyal, you would not act like a toddler, bitch and complain untill you get your way. Your doing your job to the best of your ability, well so am I. Again dude, I feel your pain, and you just need to take it with a gain of salt man, people are douche bags, what are you ganna do???
07/23/2010 12:46PM
Nice BJ, now your morning show is just like every other one. The thing that made you different was the fact the you were mostly talk. Now it seems like more music than talk. Ive been listening to you for years and its because you guys were different. Notthe case anymore. Thank god for The Mens Room
07/23/2010 3:20PM
I wanted to fill out the survey, but Im not a huge fan of the kind of rock music kisw plays. The reason I didnt fill it out was because I didnt want to win the tickets that they were giving away as an incentive to fill out the survey. Also, I wonder how many people that dont even like the show and are more into music filled it out in order to try and win the tickets??? Just my two cents
07/23/2010 3:29PM
I bet most the people who are pissed off at the change are people who never filled out the survey. I did, I said on it I didn't want more music. People probably got the e-mail and then deleted it. To haters out there, SHUT UP!!! IF YOU DIDN'T WANT MUSIC THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE FILLED OUT THE SURVEY!!!
07/23/2010 4:12PM
BJ, Dont worry about those fools and haters, you said it beautifully. They wont be happy with anything, they live to give negativity. I personally cant understand why so many would vote off Toppys laugh. Ive always thought it was great, and then when I found out it wasnt a laugh track i loved it even more! His laugh is part of your show, a staple in what weve heard for years and years. I belive that its one thing of all this change that you shouldt take away. I have to get used to the changes youve made for your show, its still a lil akward because I, used to the old style, but you should ignore what that damn survey says and let Toppy be what he always has been in your show. No matter what Im a die-hard listener, so definitly got your back.
07/23/2010 4:13PM
Eat Carbs
I will continue to Listen to your show BJ. I have been a fan of the buzz... sure,.. I dont like to hear songs either.. but changes need to be made if youre going to remain a success and I understand that. All I want is the 5am show back on since I can listen at work. Thank you and keep up the great work.
07/23/2010 4:14PM
Eat Carbs
I meant to say Ive been a fan SINCE the buzz... Damnit all. =(
07/23/2010 4:39PM
Ive listened to you for ten years now. I was in high school when I first started listening. I would be walking home from school with my always reliable Sony Walkman just enjoying every minute of it. I hated high school, but your show got me through it. But, now Im 26, and I work long hours, well beyond my 40, and I only get small amounts of time to listen to your show. But, with this music format I dont even get to hear your actual show now. I dont want music, and if that means that I have to leave because I dont like your show, then Im out. Ive been a loyal listener, but I dont want to listen to Generic Morning Show Number 987. I want The BJ Shea Morning Experience, and cant have that because Im not in the majority of flakes that want music as background noise and dont really listen to your show. Goodbye BJ, thank you for the memories. I hope your survey was worth it. PS: I like how the Rock treated Tom Leykis, you know that guy that drove ratings on the Buzz and helped get you back into radio. Here Tom, heres a late night shift where we can rebroadcast your show and never let anyone know youre on the air while we serve out the rest of your contract and quietly get rid of you. Never had a chance to voice (err... type) that till now.
07/23/2010 6:56PM
I did fill out the survey!!! and im not hatin on the show. Im just stating my opinion and my opinion is that there is too much damn music on the show now.
07/23/2010 8:00PM
Jay Maxwell
I think its time to stop acknowledging the haters and proceed. Your fueling their fire by responding. I understand its hard not to respond being an H-hole. In this day and age of constant communication and the ability to receive real-time feedback, yourtruly exploring new territory. Im sure its been a hell of a week for you and the rest of the guys. People have a hard time with change and I also have had to adjust to the new format. Next week will be better!!
07/24/2010 1:56AM
i guess i have to be a true H-hole, the show really sucks now. the podcasts are really hard to listen to now since you guys only talk for 4-12 minutes before its a break again. i understand why you felt the need to make the changes. i think you really are trying to do what you think is best for the show. As a true fan its hard to like the fact that the changes are for the people that care about your show or enjoy hearing sll of you guys , if they did then it doesnt make since why the would want to hear music instead of you . im still going to listen to the show and download the podcasts, im just hoping that theres enough true fans out there that will speak up and may get the show back to what its was.again i dont hate you for doing what seemed to be the best thing for your show and the people it just sucks for true fans of your work
07/24/2010 3:08AM
Really? This is the position your taking? Im not a hater and have always enjoyed the show, but have a lot of criticism of the new format. You mention loyal listeners, those who are loyal listeners are loyal based upon the format you are changing. We dont know you personally, so its not like being loyal to a friend. If you change from what people like, why should they be loyal? Im not threatening to listen to someone else cause I like them better, just may not listen to you as much because there is less to listen to.
07/24/2010 3:09PM
chad lowell
do what you must to do to stay on air the real lovers of the show will stay. the rest can SUCK IT.
07/24/2010 6:45PM
Oy youre right. I didnt vote. I had no idea this was even happening and now my show is ruined. How about a devote now that we know how important this is. My q is why the change. I thought bj was number one already.... Is it for syndication??? I must have missed it when they spoke about that. I thougt they were proud to be music free and locker room setting. I would only say that the new show stinks so that they can get back to th old one, assuming that would help them fight off the man making them change. There are so many secrets I dont know what to believe.
07/25/2010 3:23AM
BJ- I just read your blog dated 07/23, and in it you say that the surveys came back saying the majority wanted music now and then. My definition of now and then is just that-now and then. Too bad, the powers that be figure now and then to mean everytime I stinkin get interested in a topic. Gawd, I know this is not your fault, but, hopefully with a rush and a push everything will settle to something that makes everyone happy,huh?
07/25/2010 3:04PM
Put another survey out. I call BS on this. Your survey said what the BJ shea morning experience needs is less BJ Shea? BS BS BS BS BS BS BS ........!
07/25/2010 5:06PM
Sorry BJ, I do not like the new format and that does not make me a hater or a moron. I understand that you are committed to this new format: Being committed to something doesn't make it right. I understand you paid for a survey: Surveys are proven wrong all the time, and are rarely scientific. I understand you're a radio veteran with years of experience: Then you should remember that the product that brought you to the top is where your talent lies and second guessing your talent is radio death. The times I've found your show most entertaining is when there's no topic, just some funny guys throwing around banter and occasional caller interaction. That seemed to be the core of the show, and everything else was secondary to that. Well, it seems you've gotten so far away from that core that you've decided the best course of action is to hide behind music. I understand that change is necessary, but the core product, the brand, should not. Especially when it's good. I've switched to listening to the podcast, because it filters out the music. Radio is great for introducing new music, but who needs to hear programmed music that isn't new? We all have ipods and mp3 players to take care of that. The best show I've heard in a while was from a couple weeks ago when you had an intern running the phones and chaos ensued. No topic, no theme, just funny guys dealing with a funny situation in a funny way. It was awesome. Shutting off Top Shelf's mic should be setting off HUGE warning alarms in your head. Top Shelf is the wildcard that when chaos breaks out, his crazy laugh is gas on the fire. It's hilarious. Oh well, I guess I'm in the minority, and a moron.
07/26/2010 4:16AM
Im a Hater! I hate the Music, Love The Show Hate the Music, LOVE THE SHOW, HATE THE MUSIC!!!!!!!! God Damn send out that survey again, let everyone know, and see what you get THIS TIME! Im not complaining just responding. And regardless of the change, Im not going anywhere. Love the show! 8 yr listener.
07/26/2010 10:54AM
Hey BJ, I always loved listening to your show on my way into work. I used to just flip to your station and be able to drop in on whatever discussion is happening, but now its rare that I catch you guys talking. I was always listening for the talk show and not the music cause honestly Im not much into rock but I love the POVs that come through your station. I understand that you gotta do what ya gotta do but I cant help but to flip to the next station when all I seem to hear is music. My commute is almost over before I hear you guys come back on the radio. Im just kinda bummed over this. I hope you guys can get the balance between music and talk down a bit better in the future but in the time being Ill just keep checking in.
07/26/2010 11:27AM
BJ, Ive been a listener of your show since you were on afternoons on the BUZZ and I think this change is a bad idea. From what Ive heard and read your justification for the new format is that you need ratings and if you dont listen to the majority of people you wont get good ratings which could lead to the show being taken off the air. The issue that I have with this argument is that I’ve heard you many times come on air and tell us how youre rated #1 and how the show gets awesome marks on your report card. If youre often #1 and getting great marks why would you need, or want, to make changes. It seems to me that the majority loved your show the way it was. With this format change and the turning off of Top Shelf’s mic I feel that you’ve lost what made your show truly unique and are now just like every other cookie cutter radio show out there. I hope you come to your senses and realize that this was not a change for the better.
07/27/2010 6:30AM
Shoreline Matt
I Have to say whether or not a bunch of d-bags like the new style or not i think its the right decision in my opinion for the best show on the rock to keep rockin for years to come. Ive only been a listener for 6 months but since the first show i heard ive been on it like clockwork m-f. You guys to a great job i love every bit of it and now with the music i have a chance to grab another cold one...or two....p.s Whada Ta!
07/29/2010 4:43AM
I'm so sad. I've listened to the show since the Buzz days. I listen to hear you guys. I can listen to music anytime, anywhere. My favorite parts of the show throughout the years have been you, BJ, railing against the idiots you work for. I loved those workplace dramas (though I understand why they stopped you from doing those), and I love hearing your and RR's complicated personal problems. I feel like I'm listening to an on air morning soap. I think this is an important element that keeps your female audience engaged. More music=less personal connection with the audience and less personal connection=dwindling listener loyalty=smaller audience. (BTW, unless you controlled for who responded to the survey, it's statistically not significant or reliable.) Your interactions with RR made me LOL while driving so many times. The music really cuts into the time needed to build the momentum for such interactions. Miss you, guys.
08/03/2010 9:39AM
LOVE the return of beat the producer, STP is freaking hilarious and my husband loves to play along. Other than that, I feel like we dont really get to hear BJ in the morning anymore... A couple of songs are good here and there, but with commercial breaks and music, you hardly get to talk! Miss you ranting and raving in the morning and hope that you find a good medium that makes everyone happy!
08/06/2010 1:40PM
What kind of knuckle head responds to the BJ Shea Morning Experience survey and votes to improve it by having less BJ Shea? How is giving me less of BJ on the BJ show and then telling me to go listen to someone else if I don't like customer service? Well, in your defence you didn't actually say it was GOOD customer service....Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?!!???
08/27/2010 2:21AM
Just chiming in to say I'm not a fan of the new format either. Some music is alright (although I personally like the talking way more, even when you guys piss me off) but you guys swung all the way from no music to probably 50-50 music-talk in what seemed like a day. If you're being forced by the company to play more music then that's pretty much that, but I hope you guys have more control. As people have said, the Men's Room format works really well in that they still get to talk a good amount but play music occasionally.
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