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 BJ Shea

BJ's BLOG 10/07/10 "Elderly Woman"

Yesterday when I was hanging out with my wife at the grocery store, something happened that made me wonder if I should have called the authorities.

While in line waiting to cash a lottery ticket my wife received as a gift, this old woman comes up and taps my wife’s shoulder and says, “Be lucky that you’re husband is still alive.”

It was completely random! What do you say to this?

I was having a great day up until that point; the sun was shining, I was hanging out with my wife…and then this random whack job (who looked like she only had three teeth in her mouth and had been smoking for 90 years) had to ruin it!

It didn’t end there; she then says, (almost in tears), “And another thing, do you have children? Because I had three miscarriages.” I didn’t know what the hell to do! Again, what do you say to that?

This has to be a “woman thing” because I don’t see why else she would have come up to us in the first place. To me this felt like a violation on me.

Women feel violated when a man exposes their genitals at them but to me, having a stranger show me their pain made me feel violated. I know people are going to think I’m crazy and a rotten guy, but it really ruined my day and made me feel bad to be alive.

What right does anyone have to come into my own space and randomly expose their own personal misery? Go get a damn therapist and leave me alone.

As a man, that is really one of the biggest violations we can feel and women need to learn to respect us just like we’ve been forced to learn to respect them!

10/07/2010 5:50AM
BJ's BLOG 10/07/10 "Elderly Woman"
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10/07/2010 6:34AM
BJ...I completely get this..women are emotional creatures and we share everything with each do not..unless it is something they feel their buddys can fix they internalize. She obviously is in need of therepy..Im sorry it ruined your day. I would be interested in knowing if your wife felt the same way or if she took it in stride?? You are not an unfeeling are just a guy :D
10/07/2010 7:22AM
Heather Bowen
Don't feel bad, I wouldn't, in a million years of felt sympathy for the lady. She needs help. I'm obviously a women and would never walk up to a stranger and just lay it all on them. In fact I don't even do it to my friends. She obviously wasn't all there.
10/07/2010 8:21AM
BJ-- This is a symptom of a society that is completely, she shouldn't have assailed you. She should have found someone more sympathetic to listen to her. Therapist would be good, someone off the street who isn't you...anybody but you. Frankly, I think we are all somewhat responsible for the rest of the people in the world, up to a point--you should give back to society in some way, help people when you can--but you should certainly be able to determine when the help you choose to give is given. Having said that, it's sad there are so many sad and lonely people in the world...instead of feeling a "big bummer" because of it, why don't you just count your blessings? Frankly, you just sound whiny...just sayin'.....
10/07/2010 8:43AM
Obviously she was mentally ill and/or senile and had lost any sense of boundaries...the average healthy-ish person, man or woman, would not behave like that.
10/07/2010 9:18AM
Eh, sounds like she just lost her husband. I don't know why it would upset you that much. Just kind of a weird thing that happened. She was depressed and in pain. Personally, I would have made a morbid joke about it. Like "Not for long," and then I would have pretended to kiel over or something. Humor is often the best reaction, BJ.
10/07/2010 12:58PM
You evil bastard haha jk she is old and wants to talk to someone. Sounds like she knows she is about dead and she has regrets and was trying to let you know to enjoy life. But I agree with you I hate when people come up to me especially the dumbass people that come up to you at gas stations asking for money and they are driving escalades and shit. I sais no to this one couple and was in my militaryy uniform and this bitch was like no wonder your a dick military fuck and wished upon me to die in war. I wanted to bitch slap the shit out of her
10/07/2010 3:55PM
Alex the Issaquah Indian
First of all I'm pretty sure I agree with you. Granted I'm an asshole, and I hear that a lot, I think that crazy people need to not burden the rest of us with their garbage. That said, I don't like being burdened, nor do I like to face the fact that the world is a sad place, more than is necessary. I personally say, "f you crazy lazy", but at the same time, hope she's safe tonight and isn't at risk.
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