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 BJ Shea

BJ's BLOG 10/19/11 "Fantasy"

We received an email from “Jane” who needed some Group Therapy. She has been married to her husband since August and they’ve been together for three years.

Recently they had a conversation about fantasies, which they have never done before, and it left Jane a little freaked out.

Her husband told her that his hottest fantasy he has is to have her get it on with another guy while he watches.

First off, nothing good ever comes from talking about your fantasies if you’re married. Steve suggested making up something that is very safe like, “my fantasy is to wake up next to you every day,” because she will most likely get put off or mad at anything else.

Men, I’m telling you right now, DO NOT tell your wife something about you that is a little “off” in your life. Don’t tell her the truth about her appearance and don’t tell her truth about something about you that is a little “freaky”. Subscribe to the rule that if you can’t tell your mom something freaky that you enjoy or are interested in , don’t tell your woman.

Reason being, there are two things you will most likely never find: Sasquatch and a non-judgmental woman.

Sadly it’s the way it’s become, and if you ladies really want true honesty from your man, then spread the word to your fellow woman get of their high horses and stop putting down men for liking something that is encoded in their biology.

10/19/2011 4:09AM
BJ's BLOG 10/19/11 "Fantasy"
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