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BJ's BLOG 10/20/11 "Howie Kendrick"

I read a story about Anaheim Angel’s player Howie Kendrick that shows how ungrateful some athletes can be.

Allegedly, Howie and his wife made an 8-year-old boy cry when he refused to sign a baseball card for him.

According to an Orange Country woman, Howie moved into their neighborhood for the remainder of the Angels’ season and out of respect, they didn’t bother him until the day that he was moving out. When the 8-year-old asked for his autograph, Howie refused by saying, ‘It’s not going to happen’ and that we were rude for asking.”

The mother claims that Howie’s wife Jody then came out of the house and said, “I can’t believe you’re still standing here. This is really rude and it’s not going to happen. It’s sad that you’re still standing here.”

Can you believe that? It drives me insane to see how big of a-holes some of these sports players are today. It’s usually the American players who are the worst; they act like spoiled rich brats and don’t try to provide the best customer service possible to their fans!

I would understand if Howie did this to an adult because more likely than not they just want to sell the autographed item, but this was an 8-year-old kid! Is there anything more iconic then a kid with his baseball or baseball card in his hands, hoping to have one of the big stars to sign it? It is the beautiful family friendly image and yet Howie allegedly acted like a jerk about the whole thing, probably ruining it forever for this kid.

I have something to tell you Howie Kendrick, if I was the owner of the Angels or if I was manager Mike Scioscia, we would having a meeting where I tear you a new one for not understanding that this is not what you want to be in the news for! Whenever you do something that doesn’t shine you in a positive light, it will hit the news almost instantly!

The reason you get to go out and play ball for a living and get paid a ridiculous amount to do so is because of fans like that little boy, and by not signing one card and being a jerk, you just lost the respect of hundreds, possibly thousands of fans.

10/20/2011 3:25AM
BJ's BLOG 10/20/11 "Howie Kendrick"
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10/20/2011 7:05AM
Absolutely. What a little brat! ...the player, not the 8-year old. It's because of d-bags like that that I hate pro sports these days. Bunch of self-important POS who get to play a game for a great living and expect more than they deserve. There are exceptions of course, but F those spoiled F-holes!
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