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BJ's Blog 01/12/10 -- ?Working Moms?

Today we talked about a billboard they posted in England that read:

“Working women make bad moms.”

Now that doesn’t imply that career moms are necessarily bad moms, but I do think if it was phrased differently like, “Stay at home mothers are better moms then working mothers,” it would make more sense.

Now I grew up in a world where the job of the mother was to care for her children. My mother, and many others at that time, would stay at home to clean the house, make the meals, and watch after the kids. If you speak to adults whose moms had careers they will tell you that they had it rougher than the other people whose moms were there when they got home from school.

Double R grew up with a working mom, and he thinks if she was given the choice between staying at home or getting a job, she still would have still chosen work because they would have killed each other otherwise. A woman who chooses to have a career, and doesn’t have a man who is willing to stay home, shouldn’t even be a parent! Women of today’s society say, “I want to be a mother but I really don’t want to be a mother. I want to get a job but I want to have a child because biologically I feel like I should. I want the feeling of having this little creature worshiping me because it has to.”

My wife is a stay at home mom and I know for a fact it hasn’t been easy on her, especially with a husband like me. I’m not sure how our lives would have been like if she would have been working while the kids were young, but I know it wouldn’t have been as good. Kathy tells me she can’t believe all the good things we do for our kids because when she was young her father wasn’t in the picture, and her mother had to work and she wasn’t as available to her like my mother was to me.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable but it still doesn’t change the fact that they are not as good as mothers who stay at home.

The bottom line is that women have to understand if they choose to have both a career and children they will probably not be as good of a mother compared to the women who stay at home. If you don’t accept this fact and you still want your job, don’t bother having children.

01/12/2010 9:38AM
BJ's Blog 01/12/10 -- “Working Moms”
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