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BJ's Blog 01/20/10 "Cliff"

We got a call from a listener named Cliff that brought up a very good point about all of the support and aid we are now sending to Haiti. I’ve been biting my tongue about the whole situation in Haiti because I knew it was going to be blown up all over the place, and I didn’t want to be a part of that.

Cliff is one of the thousands who have lost their jobs due to this sinking mess known as the economy. When he lost his job as an electrician about a year ago…he also lost his house, his boat, and all of his nice things that he owned.

Why should we as Americans care so much about a problem that doesn’t concern us?  We are donating so much time, money, and energy into this when we should be fixing all the problems going on in our country first. Many people don’t even have healthcare. Unemployment should be at 0% in this country!

The United States needs to get its act together before we try playing superhero in a different country.

01/20/2010 7:25AM
BJ's Blog 01/20/10 "Cliff"
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01/20/2010 7:25PM
Cliff, Suck it up. Working at a fast food place or at Safeway sucks, I know I work at Safeway but if it comes to taking care of your kids and making sure your family survives then man up. Luckily. I'm 18 and don't have kids (I'm one of those smart females that take birth control), I have an apartment with my sister and her boyfriend and life is difficult just like for everybody else right now. The problem in America isn't that there aren't funds to help those that need it, it's that there is a triage system of needs. Not everyone can be supported by the governemnt and there are too many people that abuse the system making the money to help, less and less everyday. You said you have been out of work for a year, well maybe you should find a new career. There are worker retraining programs at many colleges, maybe you should look into it. My dad has been in the .com industry for as long as I can remember and was unemployed a few times when I was growing up. He applied to fucking costco because he wanted us to survive. There are so many resources in America that no one here will ever starve or die of thirst (unless they were a complete dumbass and just didnt use the resources around them such as going into a starbucks and asking for water) but in third world countries like Haiti that is happening and as human beings it's our responsibility that no one dies from lack of basic needs. Americans are to insatiable. We want help and we want jobs but we want it on our terms. We are f***ing spoiled. In Cote D'Ivoire, 8 year old girls prostitute themselves for 2 crackers, why don't you put your pride down for a second and suck it up like a lot of us already have. What kind of people do you think work at Safeway anyways? Parents, people who need jobs like you. Just in case it is asked where my information came from, I'm a student at LWTC in the human and social services program. Go f*** yourself Cliff, you are more spoiled then a Bellevue girl.
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