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BJ's Blog 02/05/10 "Mel Gibson"

Mel Gibson’s new movie, “Edge of Darkness,” was number two this week in the box office and Mel has been doing the interview rounds promoting the film. Between taking Tiger Woods' side, and getting made fun of by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, he has just been looking like an idiot!

Mel’s main problem seems to come out when he is asked about the things he did in his past.

I understand it happened four years ago, but Mel…you were drunk and said some anti-semitic remarks. This is the most important thing he has done lately; not the crazy Christian stuff that he loves talking about and shoving it down our throats.  Now with the new film out, Mel is in the public eye again so he has to be ready for people to want to know what’s going on in his life.

Recently Mel was on a  T.V. station in Chicago, and a reporter brought up the topic about his drinking problem and what his fans might be thinking about what happened. Once the interview was over, Mel thought the camera was off and he said “A**hole” to the reporter. What a fine representation of Christianity by the way.

Of course Mel tried to back track & say that the remark was meant for his publicist who was making faces at him off camera. That’s a load of bull because when the lights are on you, you can very rarely see anyone in front of you.

Why not be a man and talk about it? Admit that it was a hard part in your life, that you said a lot of stupid things because you were a crazy drunk, and that you let a lot of friends, family, and fans down. People might actually want to see your movies if you knew how to speak about these things.

Even though it was four years ago, it’s the last big thing he’s done. Unfortunately people are judged on their lowest point, but instead of owning up to it and using it to motivate others, he just keeps making it worse.

02/05/2010 5:33AM
BJ's Blog 02/05/10 "Mel Gibson"
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