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BJ's Blog 02/19/10 "Joe Stack"

Yesterday a man named Joe Stack committed a horrible act when he flew a plane into a seven story IRS building in Austin, Texas…killing two and injuring 13 others.

Joe’s reasoning for committing this terrorist attack, and I do believe it is a form of terrorism was because he didn’t pay his taxes and ended up owing $40,000 to the IRS. We all expect and accept to pay taxes, so I don’t see how someone would be willing to commit suicide just because he didn’t want to accept this fact!

As a man who’s supposed to take care of his family, he failed by putting them in that much debt. They are now left with nothing, their names tainted for life, and left with the grief in knowing he killed and hurt those people.

Owing $40,000 is not as horrible as it sounds; college students leave college owing that much money or more.  At the age of 53 this shouldn’t be the thing that puts you over the edge! Joe Stack was an idiot, and that’s why he is now dead.

02/19/2010 12:19PM
BJ's Blog 02/19/10 "Joe Stack"
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02/22/2010 8:18PM
ok so this is a wo story building. On the first story to gell with this twisted man along with to hell with the IRS. On the second top story no person deserves to die in shame at the hands of somebody with such as stupid reason as what it all comes down too money. Take a tip from me take all your money and give it to charity - Bradly knowell
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