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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 01/03/13 "Cheating Best Friend"

Last week, we received an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Doug who was stuck between a rock and a hard place in his group of friends.

Doug has two best friends. Of the three of them, two of them are married (him being one of them).  The two wives and their daughters are good friend as well.

The problem is that Doug’s wife found out that their single friend has slept with their best friend’s wife!  That puts him in a difficult position; does he tell his buddy about the affair or does he keep quiet?  

In all honesty, I think it’s a horrible thing that Doug is now stuck in the middle of this. The cheating wife should not have told Doug’s wife about her indiscretions, it should have stopped with her.

I know everyone in this situation are friends but this is no one’s business except those involved.  
Putting this kind of stress and drama on people that are friends is selfish and irresponsible. Either the cheating wife or the scumbag best friend has to tell the guy what happened. The social group will be destroyed, but at least it is the honorable thing to do. 

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04/01/2013 9:20AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/03/13 "Cheating Best Friend"
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