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BJ'S BLOG 01/07/13 "Man on Meth"

2014 is our year, Rock-A-Holics! We’re gonna have some laughs, do some blogs, sit down for a little bit of Group Therapy…you know, all the good stuff.
I try to look forward, at least as often as possible. As the year changes, though, it’s hard to avoid thinking about 2013: Did I achieve everything I wanted to? Was it a success? Was it a failure? Did I leave the oven on? Does anyone else smell that?
Whatever the truth may be, there was one news item that caught my eye, and put things into perspective for me:
“Man High On Meth Fights Off 15 Cops While Masturbating”
Yes, it’s real. An Oregon man fought off over a dozen police officers in a bar, using only one hand. His other hand wasn’t tied behind his back, either. The cops eventually subdued him, but he was even able to withstand a Taser. When all was said and done, he didn’t even remember the incident.
I’m confident about 2014, but it’s the guys like this who make it difficult for the rest of us. Talk about an overachiever! I wish I had that kind of focus.

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01/07/2014 7:49AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/07/13 "Man on Meth"
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01/07/2014 8:01AM
Speaking for me personally. I wouldn't grab a man while he was masturbating either. Dan S
01/07/2014 12:10PM
Holy Cow, can we say "dedicated"? Geez
01/24/2014 7:16AM
RE: Yikes!!!
I know of a few other words to call him too! -
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