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BJ'S BLOG 01/08/14 "For the Love of the Game"

It’s an amazing time to be a Seattle Seahawks fan! A truly great season has earned our boys a spot in the playoffs! The excitement around Seattle has reached an all-time high…
…but there will always be someone who wants to take it to an all-time low.
A recent Craigslist ad might have been a dream-come-true for two lucky (?) female Seahawks fans: A man was offering a pair of FREE club-level seats for two women, with one condition: The women would be expected to show this generous ticket-holder a “good time” in exchange for the privilege.
The ad has been removed, and I find that kind of annoying. Shouldn’t we have the right to make that sort of negotiation between two (or three) consenting adults? There are “exchanges of goods and services” like this taking place every day; they just don’t always have a public ad listing attached to them.
How do you feel about this, America? Sports fans know about the principle of “sacrificing the body”…but I’m not sure if this is what that phrase refers to.

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01/08/2014 6:59AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/08/14 "For the Love of the Game"
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01/08/2014 11:27AM
I think it is Valid!!
Well, I don't really see a problem with that, he's got something many people want, and what he is asking is not that much!! It is like buy a Ferrari, you have to be willing to pay he price, he is not obligating nobody to do it, it is an offer, weather or not a couple of girls are willing to pay the price or not, is up to them... No harm done once both parties accept the conditions of the negotiation.
01/08/2014 12:06PM
Good time!!!
A ruffie, bottle of lube, and a thank you note. Good time not required. Or.. ask him if he wants to get f'd, they could take the tickets, tell him to meet them at a motel room and never show up, they would literally be f'ing him. Not defininga good time.. leaves much to the imagination.. implying your good time does not mean others get the hint. It also leaves room for plausible deniability. lol
01/08/2014 2:49PM
Consenting adult
Consenting adults should be allowed to do what ever they want. What also if it was the other way around. "Female has tickets, could be yours if your man enough" Dan S
01/08/2014 3:22PM
Ugly D:
Alright honestly let the man do what he wants with his tickets,because he could get a couple of ugly bitcholas, or some fat ones lol. He could catch them good ol' herpes, i'll bet if any of those things happen he'll never do it again!
01/08/2014 3:51PM
STP Has Tickets!
Hey, BJ! STP came out and said he has tickets and is making you and Mono Nick the same offer! Love the show! Listen on podcast in Kentucky every day.
01/08/2014 7:26PM
Who cares?
Who cares if a couple of ladies want to sleep with a dude to get some tickets? That's their right. Prostitution laws are taken way too far sometimes. They're supposed to prevent women who are taken advantage of, but instead punish people for things like this or honest people who happen to want that line of work as a career.
01/09/2014 12:03AM
I guess if you want the tickets bad enough, you have to pay a price. Why are we always in everyone's business...
01/24/2014 7:13AM
@RE Consenting adult
I agree! If we are not hurting anyone or ourselves, it should be fine! -
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