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BJ'S BLOG 01/09/13 "Neil Patrick Harris's Super Bowl Ad"

Yesterday I read a story that really pissed me off; some people think that Neil Patrick Harris’s new Super Bowl ad mocks Christianity by pushing his “gay agenda.”

The ad features Neil Patrick Harris looking at the camera with a serious look and wearing eye black printed with "Feb. 3, 2013," which is the date of Super Bowl XLVII.
Here is a picture of Neil’s Ad:
Some say it is mocking New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow because he is known for posting Bible verses in his eye black.
This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. I am so sick of The “victim based” agenda of certain groups. I think when it comes to certain Christian groups, they need to let their flock know they are constantly under attack for fear of losing said flock.

It makes sense to why they used Neil for the ad and it’s because he is a popular star of a hit show on CBS, which is also showing the Super Bowl! Nothing on the ad says anything about a “gay agenda,” it’s just these extreme religious people trying to nitpick and find a way to make themselves look like the poor victims.

It’s not all Christians who are saying this, but this group of complainers is making all religion look bad. 

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01/09/2013 9:21AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/09/13 "Neil Patrick Harris’s Super Bowl Ad"
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01/09/2013 3:14PM
Freaking Hypocriates
^that is what the uptight "christians" should suck on. Seriously cause its a gay guy he must be doing it to mock religion such BS. Has he EVER been the type to try to be a d--- to christians NO!! It sickens me that the media has to blow this up. I was more offended by Tebow and his moms "don't get an abortion cause your kid could be tebow" ad.... What is this supposed "gay agenda" what that they want to be accepted just like everyone else, well godforbid that should ever happen. Its like today when I was driving this car had all of these "keep america free" and "freedom rules" stickers on their car, and one that said "pro life" so you want everyone to have freedom but people who need abortions and gay people, such freaking hypocriates, thats why i'm agnostic because a lot of people involved in organized religion (NOT ALL) are such hypocritical d bags with their my way is right and your way is wrong attitude I would never want to be a part of any group they were involved in. I belive in god and jesus and as far as what I've read, they were very accepting of everyone and didn't hate anyone for being who they were as long as they didn't harm anyone with their actions, i'm sure some idiot is going to say that somehow gay's hurt something but those people can just go join the westboro bapist chuch with all the other hate mongers, who I sure hope there is a special place in hell for
01/09/2013 3:24PM
me before
Ignore the suck on thing... I had a different title and changed it, it was bad
01/13/2013 8:05PM
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