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BJ'S BLOG 01/10/12 "Customer Service"

Yesterday on the show, there seemed to be a theme about horrible customer service everywhere.

If you didn’t hear, over the weekend, my family and I had reservations to a nice restaurant to celebrate my wife’s 50th birthday. They also told me they could do something special for her birthday.

I thought I was the man planning this all out for my wife until we get there and in spite of our reservation, they made us wait 30 minutes for our table! I again made sure to ask them to do something special for my wife’s birthday and they said they could, no problem but when they time came, we received nothing. No candles, no signing, nothing. When I was about to say something, a guy from another table stands up, announces it’s HIS wife’s birthday, and everyone comes over and sings to her.

We were never apologized to or acknowledged when we had to wait and we never received any sort of compensation such as a complementary glass of wine or appetizer. 

I really didn’t want to make a scene during our dinner but I was really upset.
After telling my horrible customer service story, we read a story about what happened to a New York woman who went to a Papa John’s.

Minhee Cho, a Korean-American woman, went into a Papa John’s and noticed that where her name was supposed to go on the receipt, “lady chinky eyes” was written instead.

Here is a picture:


Cho then Tweeted: “Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes,’” Minhee Cho wrote, along with a picture of the receipt where it was quickly retweeted by hundreds of people.
Within hours, the photo had become viral with nearly 30,000 views and resulted in Papa John’s firing the employee who was responsible for the offensive slur.
Reps for Papa John’s also used the pizzeria’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to issue apologies.

Cho accepted the apology but said she will never go there again.

What gets me is that yhe story did not say anything about Papa John’s offering her anything more than an apology. If that is the case and they didn’t try to make up for it big time, then it does not make them look to well.

I am tired of seeing businesses not doing the best they can to accommodate and really make up for their mess ups to the highest degree. They should be offering her pizza for life to show her and their other customers that they truly care about the service they receive.

Whenever anything happens here at the station where a listener isn’t happy with us, we try our best to make it better. We know if we don’t take care of our customers, then we will lose them.

Sadly, good customer service isn’t something that most businesses seem to care about anymore.


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01/10/2012 10:02AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/10/12 "Customer Service"
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01/10/2012 2:46PM
I am curiosu where did you go?
Did you go to a locally owned place or a chain ?
01/10/2012 2:48PM
Your incident is way different than Ms. Cho's
BJ, I think you should have taken a little iniative during your visit to make sure they had a something planned for your wifes birthday.
01/10/2012 2:52PM
Marion davis
The problem nowadays is all about getting money in the tills.I have worked in the retail sector for many years and I don`t care whether a customer is spending money or not they still get 100% great customer service.Good manners does not cost and I do notunderstand why these people don`t have any!!!! These places make the rest of us look bad!!
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