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BJ'S BLOG 01/13/12 "Facebook Fighting"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read an email from Kurt who didn’t know what to do with his girlfriend.

Every time they get into an argument, she gives him the silent treatment then rants about him on her Facebook page for all of her 400 friends to see.
Our first caller was from a Rock-A-Holic named Kayla who is only 17-years-old and admitted that she does the same thing.

The reason Kayla says she does it is because her boyfriend won’t come directly to her to apologize and she just wants to find a way to vent.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to vent and letting out your emotions, but that’s what a diary or journal is for. The process of writing down your thoughts and feelings is very therapeutic and once you’re done writing it down, it’s just there for you, not for the whole internet to see.

When you rally your troops to comment negatively about someone, it’s a form of bullying. Tell your significant other that you’re upset with them.

The reason why some women do this kind of thing is because they want us men to feel the same way they are feeling so we can understand their pain.

Guys don’t get it because we don’t operate that way. If I was mad at Steve because he was being a jerk to me, I wouldn’t try to bring him down to feel what I’m feeling; instead I would tell him that he’s not being cool. If Steve sees that, he will apologize and then things are good again.

So ladies, go to a therapist, a journal, or a mentor to vent and let out the pain and if you want your man to understand your pain, tell him, don’t cyber bully him or anyone.  


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01/13/2012 9:22AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/13/12 "Facebook Fighting"
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01/13/2012 10:25AM
Facebook Fighting
You should NEVER air your dirty laundry on FB. It's demeaning and immature. My wife did this once. ONCE. I told her one more time and she'd be GONE! It's nobody else's business and this should NOT go on.
01/13/2012 11:06AM
Angry posts
I recently became "Facebook offical" / exclusive in a relationship and a girl he had been seeing (I'm guessing he was because what do I care who he was seeing before me)... anyway, she decided to respond to his post of "My girlfriend is hot" (that about a dozen of his friends already posted hilarious stuff on)... about how inconsiderate he was for jumping into a "public" relationship with me and not giving her time to get over him, etc. I, as a typical female, responded, but decided to take a different route and apologize that she felt he was incosiderate, but we both know how great of a guy he is and that is why she is hurt and life just worked between us in a different way and wished her a Happy New Year. She actually responded pretty nice to me, then a little while later wrote a huge angry comment about why she even posted in the first place of the ill-timing of his post and again not giving her time to accept the love that she had felt she lost... took her about 48 hours and she deleted her I'm guessing a little intoxicated postings. Anyone who sees dirty laundry posted on someones wall - DO NOT RESPOND negatively. It only encourages the behavior.
01/15/2012 2:22PM
Using the bathroom in someone elses house.
Is it normal for a guy to do there morning business almost every day at someone else’s house? I am a guy and I don’t know about you but it just feels a lot better doing it at my own bathroom. I recently took on a new job and part of the job was I would get a nice house. When I went for the interview they showed me the house and it had an attached garage with a huge basement made into a shop (mancave). It has a toilet with a shower curtain for a door. Its not the most privet place but in a pinch if you got to go its there. In short loved the house and took the job. One thing my boss did not tell me, was the garage has a catch. Her husband gets to use it whenever he wants to and he is here almost EVERY day. Then every morning he stops in to use the bathroom and stinks up the downstairs with some kind of nasty spray which only makes the other smell worse. Knowing he is my bosses husband. Makes it a little uncomfortable to approach him. Giving I just moved my whole life here and I am on a 90 day probation. I did ask him about using the garage and he said he was grandfathered in and then I ask his wife and she said it was not part of the package. Needless to say I was a little pissed. I was told by another employee to talk to the owners about it. It was a month before I meet them and when I did talk to them about it. They had no idea about him working out of the garage. Next thing I know my boss gets a hold of me and ask if he could stay until the end of January. I didn’t want to cause to much trouble so I was ok with that. You can envision the coldness I am getting from her husband for taking away his bathroom and garage. That and I have to feel like I have to watch my back until he leaves. Well guys thanks for letting me vent. I am counting the days and plan on doing a deep deep clean on the toilet when he is gone. Signed 15days and counting.
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