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BJ'S BLOG 01/15/13 "A Teacher Who is Afraid of Kids?"

 Yesterday I read a bizarre story that really irritated me.
A teacher in Ohio is suing the school district she has worked for 35 years because they discriminated against her phobia. Spanish teacher Maria C. Waltherr-Willard has pedophobia, a phobia of young children; yes a fear of children. According to medical professionals, Maria experiences stress, anxiety, chest pains, vomiting, nightmares and higher than healthy blood pressure when she’s around young kids.
Maria is suing the school district because she says it discriminated against her when, back in 2010, she was reassigned from the high school to its junior high which pressured her to resign.
This really frustrates me; we live in country that is full of scammers and the first tip off for me about this situation is that she is 61-years-old. How do we know she is not looking for an easy retirement plan? It seems rather odd that someone would choose a career where they might have to face their severe phobia?

I understand that she was teaching high school, but what about the students who are late bloomers and still look young? Some kids take a little longer to develop and hit puberty; can she teach those students or will she be crippled by fear?

I’m not sure how much she gets paid, but since she’s been working there for 35 years makes me think that that she probably has tenure and is doing well. If she really didn’t want to be near her “phobia,” she could have gotten a job in a different field and be at the top of the totem pole today.

This woman shouldn’t be anywhere near schools because either she’s a scammer or clueless. 

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01/15/2013 9:15AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/15/13 "A Teacher Who is Afraid of Kids?"
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01/15/2013 3:03PM
She has screws loose....35 years of hell on her, yeah right!! if she reallly has a "diagnosed" phobia for what she is claiming, how the F can she hold the position and i highly doubt the district would have kept her around for 35 year. She isdefinately looking fior easy retirement.
01/18/2013 9:09PM
The true source of fear
I think the real name for her fear is ergasiophobia @nahbucks
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