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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 01/16/13 "Move On"

Yesterday’s Group Therapy was really upsetting on many levels.
A Rock-A-Holic named Ricky recently left the mother of his children but he can’t seem to stay away.

He did everything he could to leave her, and now she says she is having sex with other men to get what she wants. It’s tearing up Ricky because he still loves her and she has been the only person she has ever been with which is why it’s been even harder on him. 

Ricky is afraid that if he keeps trying that he will eventually lose his boys to this woman who has made him homeless and made his life a living hell, but he just can’t let go. 

This is another example of the power of vaginization. It used to be when a man got rejected, there is a certain part of him that would accept that and move on, but sadly I don’t see that much anymore. 

Also, he has two kids with this woman; again, why are men making babies with women who are horrible for them and before they get married. Guys, don’t believe the crap! Stop having unprotected sex and making a mess out of your life. There are other ways of getting sexual gratification without making a baby. 

What Ricky, and men like Ricky, need is tough love because obviously being soft won’t help them. 

Also, how is it that Ricky became homeless? Did he let this woman handle all the finances? How can you not keep track of your money and accounts? 

There is no couple on the planet who should let the finances be solely handled by one person. Many of the people I have met that let their spouse handle all of the money ended up getting screwed over. I have no sympathy for you if you end up homeless because you weren’t keeping track of your bank accounts. 

This is who you deserve to be with Ricky because this is all YOU THINK you can get. My advice is to go talk to someone because you have some serious issues. Treating yourself like crap your low self confidence are keeping you from a better life because you won’t think you deserve better.  

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01/16/2013 9:05AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/16/13 "Move On"
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01/17/2013 9:23AM
Love your stance on modern day women.....I have a thought that will prove your theory on these greedy, self centered, tight gene low cut blouse wearing begging for attention, well, you know... How about a show called "Desperate Husbands" .....I mean, heck, we would be able to provide an entertaining show for men with the same content women have shown to find entertaining.. One big difference though, in Desperate Housewives they have an episode where one of the women sleeps with a minor, and guess what.. no big deal!!I Could you imagine if the mans version tried a stunt like that??
01/22/2013 8:34PM
whats that book you suggest?
BJ you suggest a book every once in a while, "the way of the man" or something like that. Im curious cause I cant remember.
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