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BJ'S BLOG 01/17/12 "A Walk in Their Shoes"

On Friday a Rock-A-Holic named Dave called in during Listeners on the Loose to talk about how he’s disappointed in the media. Dave was upset that the media was putting all their attention on the four marines who filmed themselves urinating on three dead bodies.

For those who don’t know the story, a video surfaced last week of for US marines standing around and urinating on three dead Afghans, supposedly Taliban members.

Dave said that he feels like the media would be happier putting stories about another solider tragically losing his life in combat and have his country honor him rather than stories like this one.

As a part of the media I know they have to make money and in order to do that they have to get the audience’s attention but it’s also sad that news organizations have stopped being purveyors of truth and have become sensationalists who only want to you to buy the product. It’s the “if it bleeds, it leads” sort of mentality.

I personally don’t trust any news organizations that have commercial advertising.

I’m not condoning what these marines did, but people don’t get that this isn’t the world the rest of us are living in.

Even though the incident was disturbing and unfortunate, I am also a guy that understands that when you are fighting on the front lines as a solider with death all around you like that, it does do things to your head.

This whole situation sucks, but until I have been in the shoes of those soldiers and have experienced the horrible things they have, I really, really can’t judge them fairly

It’s too bad that this video has disparaged the good soldiers that are out there which make up the 99.9%.


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01/17/2012 6:45AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/17/12 "A Walk in Their Shoes"
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01/17/2012 10:33AM
Agreed so dont get me wrong but 2 things as well... 1) Images in the past of even cartoon strips have lead to our more deaths when dishonoring prisoners so why shouldn't we be as worried that it will do the same? They are dead already we dont need to incite more unnecessary hatred. How can we give a slap on the wrist to this when we may have more die as a result of AlQueda using this as an excuse to kill more? 2) Reverse this. Lets say our soldier's corpses were pissed on? You can't even make fun of the Star Spangled Banner or burn a flag. Don't we think people here would go apeshi*? So why shouldnt we expect the same reaction across the world. Thats why they shouldnt get a slap on the wrist.
01/17/2012 12:21PM
Those marines should be dishonorably discharged. That kind of behavior in uniform is simply not ever ok. Said the same thing about Gitmo and the prison in Iraq. (The name presently escapes me) Prisoners and the dead have certain rights combatants don't. E.G. if you are shooting at me, or attacking my country, or my family, age and gender are not part of the equation. You're dead. You died the second you pulled the trigger; it just took some time for your body to catch up to that fact. Once you drop that weapon though, however that may occur, according to the rules of engagement you are no longer a combatant. You are either an enemy casualty or a prisoner and I am required to treat you humanely. Those marines have no excuse. I don’t offend easily, but they have succeeded. As far as the complaint about the media goes, I agree wholeheartedly. Both with the listener and BJ.
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