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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 01/17/13 "Glorifying Cheaters"

Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee has stripped and asked Lance Armstrong to return the bronze medal that he won at the 2000 Olympic Games.

This also comes three months after being stripped of his Tour de France titles.

Today on Oprah, it has been confirmed that he is going to finally admit to doping and lying about it.

For years I was always in the minority when it came to believing he was a fake. I just knew in my heart of hearts that he was lying about doping and people got mad at me for criticizing their golden boy.

Even though all this information has come out, a lot of people are still on his side because of his cancer story and his work with Livestrong.

I understand that Lance did a lot of good with the Livestrong foundation but he is not the only person who works for them and now their reputation has been tarnished because of his cheating. There are also plenty of other cancer organizations who do enormous amount work to help people  suffering from cancer.

I don’t think the ends justify the means. Yes he did good by working with Livestrong, but he cheated; that is how he got to the position to make a difference.  I don’t think people who cheat should be glorified for it.

The bottom line is that everyone believed that he did the impossible…turns out he wasn’t special, he wasn’t a hero…he was just an ordinary cheater. 

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01/17/2013 9:28AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/17/13 "Glorifying Cheaters
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01/17/2013 10:59AM
you are getting it wrong
yes he did cheat... in a group of cheaters. supported in his cheating by his sponsors. had he not cheated we would have never heard of him. when the field of cheaters is 30 deep you have to ask yourself, is it not a level playing field at that point? they are all enhanced. I see what he has done, and what he has made possible and I can forgive him for what he had to do to win. would you have done any different? with the reward being so big, I dont think many wouldnt...
01/18/2013 3:29PM
Real men wear make up!!!! Haha I'm not a real man so I don't wear make up but not gonna lie I have done it before when I have a really bad pimple cuz nobody like a huge pimple for everyone to look at when ur talking to them!! It's like a chick with huge tots they just can't help but stare!!! I kinda know how they feel now!! Haha kinda!! Much love brother an keep on rockin on rockin on!!!
01/20/2013 11:33PM
Beside the morality of it, it was good to hope that men can break speed limits while cycling. He made it look so easy.
08/01/2014 12:17PM
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