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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 01/18/12 "Hippocratic Oath"

Yesterday I read some good news…but the more I thought about it, it became clear that it is possible that our doctors are screwing us over, which is ridiculously disturbing.

Under the new health care laws, the Obama administration will require drug companies to reveal the payments they make to doctors for research, consulting, speaking, travel, and entertainment!

The story I read also said that over a quarter of doctors take cash payments from pharmaceutical and device companies.

I can’t believe that we don’t already make drug companies show us what they pay doctors. It’s scary to think that doctors might be pushing treatments or medications you don’t need just because they get to pocket a few fees.

In the radio industry, we have to sign Payola/Plugola forms which means that we cannot play a song on air or talk about a business if we were given money, a free service, or a nice gift by that record company or business.

It is illegal if we do so; so I have to ask, why is it that doctors get to basically do the same thing? I think our health is more important than the new Van Halen song.

What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath? It’s more like the hypocritical oath!


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01/18/2012 9:10AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/18/12 "Hippocratic Oath"
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01/18/2012 11:11AM
Fear the doctor!!
I think this blog of Doctors taking advantage of people is not just disturbing, but a little frightening. A lot of people are afraid of doctors and this is conformation of why... these are the people we trust with our very lives and that trust gets takenadvantage of!!
01/18/2012 10:25PM
I hate uninformed people
It is illegal for a physician to accept gifts, money, etc. from a pharmaceutical company, period. It has been illegal for years. This law was enacted with a subgroup of physicians in mind, not your everyday physician. For example, if a drug company creates a new drug/vaccine/etc., it has to go through 3 different clinical trails before it can be considered for FDA approval. The drug companies pay physicians to conduct research regarding the safety and efficacy of these drugs and execute the clinical trials. Maybe you should consider doing more research before you begin bashing a profession of people who spend a significant amount of money and time to master the art of healing and take care of people like you.
01/19/2012 7:22AM
Kind of like a radio personality?
Hey BJ! I love your show! A fan forever. Part of the reason is I know I can be free to speak my mind as long as I back it up with facts. My life was saved by doctors. It wasn't cancer, or AIDS, or anything commonly known as a "life threatening" disease. I had a bowel obstruction. The fact is, if it weren't for the doctors and surgeons that helped me, I would have died. The worst thought about this was that my wife would have been left alone. That was my biggest fear. We are quick to criticize our doctors and surgeons for working for profit, but we forget that we (some of us) survive because of their willingness to save our lives. They might send us a fat bill after the fact, but they ALWAYS save our lives if we need it.
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