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BJ'S BLOG 01/21/13 "Yelling at Kids"

I checked out a new Reality TV show the other night, and let’s just say I was not too impressed with reality, America.
“Friday Night Tykes” is a new show that follows a bunch of young kids in Texas playing football, and the parents and coaches who are pushing them forward. We’re talking about 8-year-old kids, not even high school athletes here, and they’re being treated like Marines in a boot camp.

It was tough to watch these victory-obsessed coaches and overbearing stage moms, yelling at kids who are vomiting from being overheated, crying in pain, and begging to rest. The adults won’t take “no” for an answer; they push their team further and further. The whole thing was sickening.
Maybe…MAYBE if these were teenagers who were making the CHOICE to be pushed beyond their own reasonable limits, then I could accept the idea. I still wouldn’t want to watch it, but it might make me feel a little less troubled by the facts of “reality.” These kids don’t have a choice; their parents allow it to happen, and in some cases even FORCE it to happen.
Why is this okay, and hey – why in the hell would anyone want to watch this on TV? Explain it to me, please. I am genuinely at a loss.

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01/21/2014 7:50AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/21/13 "Yelling at Kids"
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01/21/2014 12:29PM
Texas Football
Texas has always been notorious for being a state football factory. The only thing likely bigger than football in Texas is Church. Dan S
01/24/2014 7:29AM
RE: Don't let it create resentment
It's still hard to understand and even watch videos of this. :/ -
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