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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 01/22/13 "Christmas Lights Still Up?"

Last week, we received a text message (via 77999) from a Rock-A-Holic named Tom who was having a dumb argument with his wife.

What was going was that their neighbor still had their Christmas lights up and still turned them on at night. 

Tom is tired of the lights because he thinks they look tacky; he told his wife that if his neighbor doesn’t have them down by this weekend, that he will politely go over and offer to help them take them down.

His wife thinks that by doing that, they will look like snobby jerks and that they should just leave it alone. 

I understand sometimes people don’t have the time to take down the lights, we are all busy nowadays, but at least don’t leave them blaring at night after the holidays. 

What is wrong with some people that don’t understand that they are not the only ones living in the neighborhood and should be respectful of their neighbors? 

These are Christmas lights, and it’s no longer Christmas! We already get bombarded with Christmas decorations and gifts in August; the whole Christmas season has been extended for months now! I think the rule should be that a house can have their Christmas lights up for two weeks after Christmas, and if they still can’t take them down, don’t turn them on.

01/22/2013 8:08AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/22/13 "Christmas Lights Still Up?"
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