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BJ'S BLOG 01/22/14 "Daughter Dating Woes"

Here in Group Therapy, we don’t discriminate! You can be young or old, black or white, male or female.
We only ask that you be a devoted Rock-A-Holic. If you’re the kind of person who likes to share their problems with a large audience, that’s even better! Give us a yell and we’ll do our best to help you.
Rich is 46 years old, and he has just discovered that his 18-year-old daughter has a 36-year-old boyfriend. I know, I know – that’s a lot of numbers to process. Let me break it down for you: Rich’s daughter is getting down with a man who is 10 years younger than her father. That is not considered “good math” by Rich, who is absolutely losing his mind over the situation. His wife is a little more accepting, and she is doing her best to keep Rich from overreacting; she thinks they should let the situation play out for a while.
I highly recommend you check out the audio for this Group Therapy session, featuring the hilarious Craig Gass. In the meantime, I’m going to throw the biggest question out to our loyal blog readers:
Does age really matter in relationships? Let’s hear it, gang. 

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01/22/2014 7:25AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/22/14 "Daughter Dating Woes"
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01/22/2014 11:10AM
Age Rule
The basic rule of Thumb is Half your age Plus 7. so in this case the minimum age would be 25, 36 /2 7 = 25
01/22/2014 12:06PM
Love is love... I hope
I'm a 36 year old guy dating an 18 year old woman. Initially we had a miscommunication about our ages. Initially I thought she was 21 (a little young for me I thought) and she apparently thought I was 27. There wasn't any guile involved in that, we were talking online and both stated our ages very early on but for whatever reason this didn't stick. I had recently posted (on a NON-dating related site) that I had been in several car accidents and had to relearn how to walk through over a year and a half of physical therapy and multiple surgeries. She thought my story was inspiring and took the time to let me know that. I wasn't thinking of dating at the time we met online, but over the course of about a month we continued to talk over email and eventually text. It turns out we both had a lot in common. We're both geeks into science fiction and anime, enjoy classic literature and even enjoy the same music (I used to be a professional DJ for sci-fi conventions). Eventually we decided to meet and the chemistry was instantaneous. Over the course of the next month we dated several times and I started to really fall for her, and she for me. That's when our actual ages came to the fore again and both of us were needless to say pretty shocked. We talked about it a lot then (and we still do) but decided to give it a try. Naturally her parents are wary and concerned. I would be too. The fact is, I'm not seeking to "use" her, or anyone. I'm not that kind of person and never have been. After three months of seeing her, I know that she's a person that I could actually see a future with, and she has said the same. Still, we're taking things slow, knowing that there are plenty of stigmas out there that neither of us is immune to. I also recognize that most women her age she may want to play the field before settling down, and that love may not be enough to see us through the changes she's obviously going to go through as she passes through her early 20's. Even still, I deeply care about her and treat her well and always try to act with kindness and make her smile. At worst I hope to give her an idea of what dating a real, kind and loving man is like, even if she doesn't end up being ready to choose me in the end. Younger guys have played with her emotions, called her names, ignored her at parties to check out other girls, left her to pay the tab after asking her out, even started rumors about her behind her back or worse. As a man (not a boy) those just aren't things I'd ever do to her, or any woman. I open doors, buy her flowers, I listen deeply to her needs and hurts - I'm there for her. I hope she will appreciate that and grow from it, and I hope her parents are able to recognize that I really do love and care about their daughter, even if the age difference makes it weird to those that are naturally protective of her. - Scott
01/24/2014 7:32AM
RE: Love is love...I hope.
Wow, that was an awesome story Scott. I wish you two nothing but the best! :) -
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