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BJ'S BLOG 01/23/12 "Dude Look Like a Lady...For Drugs"

Last week we talked about a story about the extremes one guy went through to get his drug fix.

Douglas Nichols, a 36-year-old from Athens, Tennessee, dressed up as his deceased sister to get her drug prescriptions.

Nichols wore make up and a wig to pick up his dead sister’s Xanax and hydrocodone prescriptions.

The first time he tried this, he got away with it but the second time he tried to do it, the pharmacy staff recognized that he was not who he said he was.

He is in jail for prescription fraud.

This is stupidity and morbidness at its best.

They say that 95% of crimes in the US are committed by 5% of Americans but I have to wonder what percentage of the crimes committed involve or are associated with drugs or alcohol. I would venture to say it’s somewhere between 75-90% especially with all the repeat offenders.

With all the security systems in homes I have a feeling that drugs and/or alcohol are the strong factor behind most of the break-ins these days. The old school cat burglar knows better.

I believe as Americans, if we put more money into drug and alcohol rehab facilities rather than just prisons, we could not only employ a lot of people including doctors, therapists, etc, but we would be cleaning up the people in the country, keeping the drug abusers of the streets, thus lowering the crime rate.

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01/23/2012 7:17AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/23/12 "Dude Look Like a Lady...For Drugs"
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01/23/2012 10:22AM
I was thinking
last night while watching CNN's Sanja Gupta reporting on the Narco Wars in South America, that the United States and our drug policy is 100% responsible for the unbelievable level of violence and criminal activities south of our border. it is the same as Gangland in the 20's during prohibition. Apparently we learn nothing from our history. Or, as long as it isnt happening where we live, we dont care. you know what country Doesn't contribute to the narco wars?? Amsterdam. everything's legal, and there are no issues. the minute you make something illegal you raise it's value.
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