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BJ'S BLOG 01/25/13 "Physical Intimacy"

On Friday during Listeners on the Loose, a Rock-A-Holic named Joey called in and we talked about how prostitution used to be one of the things Seattle was known for back in the day. 

This got me thinking about how prostitution is still illegal to this day. Many people disagree with me but I believe that prostitution should be legalized; it would be a lot safer and it would give us the chance to catch real criminals. The amount of human sex trafficking and underage girls/guys being involved with this would drastically decrease because people would be going to places where it’s safe and legal. 

If a person is hungry, they can go to a restaurant. If a person wants their house cleaned, they can hire a maid. Why is it that if a person is looking for physical intimacy, that they can’t go and get that taken care of with no drama? 

Trust me, there are many benefits to having this legalized, but until people get out of their old way of thinking, it will never change.  

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02/25/2013 8:41AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/25/13 "Physical Intimacy"
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02/25/2013 10:54AM
Cam Girls
Yet you can still go pay someone over the internet to get naked and perform intimate actions. Not much of a difference in my opinion between virtual and physical interaction. Especially when money is exchanged.
02/25/2013 12:24PM
Legalizing sex and intimacy is not good for another form of prostiution called girlfriend/wife. Child support, alimony, divorce money, welfare, gifts, a multibillion dollar business that they can lose if sex and desires become loses its value and become cheap and widely available. Abortion, gay marriage, marijuana are legal now, lets expand Bunny Ranch franchise same way.
02/26/2013 12:44PM
Hit it on the head again BJ
This is totally correct BJ, the problem is that they wussies that run the show have to go home to their controlling wives and say "Yeah, so I voted to legalize whoring." I agree that it should be legalized and it would again help clean up the streets. Women don't want it cos then they lose leverage against men, cos if they hold out on the vag their men will just go pay for it and now they don't have anything to hold over their head. Total power struggle neutralizer
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