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BJ'S BLOG 01/28/13 "Women in Combat"

Last week on the show, we talked about how U.S. military leaders have formally lifted the ban on women serving in combat positions.

This move, which was recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, overturns a 1994 rule banning women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units.
I’ve never been in a combat situation but from what I’ve been told by those who have been, they say you become a completely different being once you cross over to that state of mind. To be in the situation where if becomes a matter of life or death, some soldiers do revert back to an animalistic state and that’s why I really wonder if mixing the genders will only create more issues. 

We already hear stories about the amount of physical and sexual assault happening to women in the military that is being covered up…will it be worse for those women who are in combat until this situation is rectified?  I’m not saying women can or can’t do the job; I’m just worried that there are things on the men’s side that should be fixed beforehand. 

We’ve heard stories from listeners saying that there are already special rules for women that allows them to even get in the military; rules that are easier on them and not men. I don’t care who is out there on the front lines; it doesn’t matter the gender, the race, the sexual orientation, as long as the people we are putting out there are the best of the best. 

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01/28/2013 9:14AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/28/13 "Women in Combat"
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01/28/2013 12:47PM
What about this point??
BJ - a guy friend and I were discussing this over the weekend. He brought up a point I hadn't thought about. Men (most anyway) have an inherent need to protect women from harm. How will that interfere with them being able to do their job? Perhaps women can serve on the front lines; in their own groups, separate from the men..?
01/28/2013 1:36PM
combat vet experiences
BJ-I have never questioned the ability of wemon in the Military. Some of the best people I served with were females. Do I think wemon can physically keep with men? Yes. Do I think wemon have the mental strength to deal with frontline combat, yes I do. Being in combat makes people change, I don't think fratranization or anything like that would be a problem on the frontlines, relationships change. When dodging morters, bullets, rockets and IED's and whatever else is thrown at ya, it changes a person. No longer do you look at the people around you with annoyance or anything else, they are your brother's and sisters in arm. You are trained to watch each other back, no males no females, you all wear the uniform and if you wanna get home to see your family you as a platoon, unit, squad or group go into survival mode and you will do anything to survive. The only concern I have is that wemon can be used against fellow soldiers as a weapon. Some country's do not hold wemon with the same regard as we do and would not hesitate to use that to their advantage. Just an opinion of a combat vet.
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