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BJ'S BLOG 01/29/14 "Stealing?"

Hello again, good people!
(And here’s a cautious nod to the slightly-less-than-good people hanging out in the back of the room. You guys just chill out. Nobody wants any trouble, okay? We’re all cool here.)
Group Therapy is for everyone, really. We don’t judge, but we may ask to see your I.D. if things start getting weird…okay, weirder than usual. It’s all about Rock-A-Holics helping Rock-A-Holics around here.
We heard from Frank, who is reconsidering going to his friend’s Super Bowl party, due to a disagreement of morality. No, I don’t mean the moral dilemma of how spicy the hot wings should be; the friend in question is planning to buy a new SONY Curved TV to watch the Super Bowl, and then return it the following week. Frank has a big problem with that, but everyone else seems totally cool with it.
I’m probably in the minority here, but I think this is stealing. End of story, black-and-white, no wiggle room, case closed.
If you listen to the show, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that Steve the Producer and Top Shelf have no problem with this concept, and there are some folks out there who do it all the time!
Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, or living in some dream world where people, y’know, obey the law and don’t cheat the system for the fun of it. What do you think?

01/29/2014 7:29AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/29/14 "Stealing?"
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01/29/2014 10:23AM
Wrong Question
It's less about the technality of whether or not the person is a breaking the law but more of a moral question about the quality of that person's character. The type of person that does this is all about appearances at any cost and to the detriment of others... so the question isn't if you have an issue with that person but if you have a moral issue with the decisions this type of person makes.
01/29/2014 11:09AM
It's absolutely stealing... hope he drops it getting it in to his house before the game.
01/29/2014 11:24AM
Stealing? No. It's not like he's taking it without spending anything on it. Granted he'll be getting a refund, but really no harm no foul. For all you know, he could have friends see that TV, think wow! that's a nice TV, now I want one, and he just advertised for them for free to boot.
01/29/2014 11:31AM
There's a reason retailers have restocking fees.
'nuff said.
01/29/2014 11:49AM
Karma bites hard
and it usually bites in your most sensitive area...repeatedly.
01/29/2014 11:55AM
Retailers lose money when the seal is broken. They have to sell it for 50% off or return to vendor where they get it back for a fraction. It's theft in my opinion.
01/29/2014 1:37PM
My buddies and I did this same thing back in college. I had worked for Sears a few years prior and knew about their "100% Satisfaction Guarantee", which I knew from experience, could be any reason in the book. I also knew that they were just going to drop the price 10% from the regular price, slap a sticker on it saying it was a return and sell it to someone else. We didn't go in looking for some crazy huge, top of the line model, we just wanted something bigger than the 13" set we had in our dorm. We went in, bought the TV on credit, and then returned it the next week saying, it didn't fit in our entertainment center and found one cheaper at another store. The guy tried to get me not to do it, but to no avail. 100% satisfaction guarantee means my satisfaction and I'm not satisfied with the product I don't think it was our best moment, but, I do look at it as we gamed the system. There are much worse things in the world that people get away with than "renting" a TV for the Super Bowl. I'm looking at you Hollywood and Wall Street..... Also, to the person who said they have to mark it down 50% or return it to the vendor, stop making things up. No one would sell tv's in stores if they had to do that.
01/30/2014 7:42AM
RE: College
Thanks for the info bro and for the comment! :) -
02/17/2014 3:55PM
I'm with Beej- completely disagree with this practice, however...
While I would never indulge in this morally bankrupt activity, the frugal among us stand to benefit very much, so I'm actually glad people do this. See, electronics stores know a lot of people pull this stunt, and as a result, they take those "brand new/used" tvs and put 'em right back out on the floor to be sold again, even though it's at a loss. But when they do, everyone else who actually WANTS them can now get them at a reduced price because they're technically "used." Immoral? Absolutely. Unethical? Definitely. A great way for those of us who don't have a problem going to a sports bar to watch a game to upgrade ye olde entertainment centre the day after the Super Bowl? Guilty as charged.
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