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BJ'S BLOG 01/30/14 "Breaking Up Over a Pet?"

I don’t know if we’ve used this joke before…but we’re using it anyway! Think of it as a potential bonus joke, but please laugh like you’ve never heard it before:
Group Therapy is going to the dogs today, folks.
Richard loves his girlfriend very much. They have a strong relationship, a great sex life, and she gives him all the love and support a man could ever want or need.
There’s just one tiny, shivering, whimpering problem:
Her Chihuahua.
Richard can’t stand this dog. It whines constantly, sheds all over the place, and takes a leak on Richard’s belonging every time the girlfriend sleeps over. Richard doesn’t want the little mutt up on his bed, which causes it to whimper all night because it can’t sleep next to its human “mommy”. As a compromise (to everyone but Richard) she lets the dog sleep on a hairy towel beside her on Richard’s bed.
When they stay at her place, it’s even worse: she lives in a terrible neighborhood filled with garbage and nasty people. The girlfriend walks the dog through filth every night, and her bed is gross and covered with grit, as a result of the dirty dog being all over it.
If you’re a hardcore animal lover, you might wag your finger at me, but…I agree with Richard. This situation sounds like a nightmare, and I would probably be contemplating the future of the relationship, too.
My own dog’s cleanliness is a struggle to maintain, and even though I love her, I am constantly disgusted by some of the nastiness that she leaves in her wake. Where do we draw the line, especially if the pet that you hate doesn’t even belong to you? Is disliking your partner’s animal enough of a reason to put the relationship in a kennel?

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01/30/2014 7:23AM
BJ'S BLOG 01/30/14 "Breaking Up Over a Pet?"
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