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BJ'S BLOG 02/01/13 "Insensitive?"

Yesterday on the show, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Jeff who was thinking about doing something that would make him look like an insensitive jerk.

Near the property line of his house, there is a memorial of someone who died in a drunk driving accident when the car hit a tree dead on and it’s been there for over a year.

From time to time, there will people who show up to this memorial and leave flowers.  Jeff is tired of this sad monument every time he leaves or comes home and wanted to know if he should write them a note asking them to remove it or if he should just remove it himself.

Society seems to have gotten to a point where it believes that if they’re in pain, they get to do whatever they want. I understand that everyone goes through all kinds of pain and tough times, but I’m here to say that no, just because you’re in pain you can’t do whatever you want.

People are going to think I’m a jerk to say this but, when it comes to grieving, I’ve always seen that as a private and personal thing. I don’t understand why it has to be on display for everyone to see. It would suck to see a reminder of death every time you want to leave your house!

It’s one thing if there is an actual memorial there for the person but something like what Jeff is describing, there should be a limit for how long it’s out there.

By having it there, they are affecting the mood of people who had no idea who these victims were; it’s a heavy thing to put on anyone and it isn’t fair.

If you want to celebrate someone’s life, why do it on the spot they died? When I think about my mother or father, I celebrate their lives by remembering them when they were happy and laughing, not by thinking about or looking at their tombstones.

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02/01/2013 9:33AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/01/13 "Insensitive?"
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02/01/2013 11:27AM
Harsh but I sadly agree
02/01/2013 11:28AM
I'm with you 100 % on this
02/01/2013 1:40PM
It's an unfortunate reminder to many that have lost that loved one. It's a bummer that he has to look at it every day, but quite possibly he would change his mind if it happend to him or a person he loved dearly. My brother in law died the same way. We have a roadside cross up for him. The original one was taken down, and it hurt many many ppl. The cross outside of his house can be a leaning tool,so to say, to remind him and his friends,family or relatives to not drink and drive. Or even be distracted while driving. PLEASE DON'T REMOVE IT!!!
02/01/2013 2:34PM
his house not theirs
his land, his taxes, his choice. the family should have ask him first. I think they are kinda morbid personally. I would have made the family remove it from my property immediately, a year is long enough.
02/01/2013 7:56PM
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding this but it says near his property line, so to me it sounds like it's not actually on his property and if it's not on his property and public land why should he have the right to remove it?
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