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BJ'S BLOG 02/05/12 "Pay Her"

Last Friday, we talked about the latest news about Amina Kocer-Bowman, the 8-year-old girl shot and wounded in her classroom when a gun in a classmate’s back pack accidently discharged.

She went from being listed as being in critical condition to being in serious condition on Thursday.
"We're worried about ... long-term health problems and possible psychological problems associated with this," said John Bowman, Amina’s father, in a news conference. He also said that the family has hired an attorney to explore a possible lawsuit against anyone who might be responsible for the shooting.

The bullet shattered Amina's elbow and went into her abdomen, penetrating her liver, pancreas and intestines, has undergone five surgeries said the family’ attorney. The bullet is lodged near her spine and probably can't be removed, her doctors said last week.

As a tax payer of the state of Washington, I believe that this state should pay for her medical bills and take care of this girl for the rest of her life! Whatever she needs in order to have a good life should be provided for her.

The reason for why the state needs to pay for Amina is because it happened in a public school, and the law says that kids have to go to public schools. Since kids are forced to attend school, they should also be protected in said school.

Save us the lawsuit; do not go to court! Settle this outside of court and pay her everything she deserves because this poor little girl’s life and family’s life has been ruined. She is probably going to have that bullet in her spine for the rest of her life and she has to live with the pain from that and her damaged organs every day!

In this great country of the USA we’re the ones who say all kids need to go to these “excellent” and “safe” public schools so this state and country needs to be accountable for what happens in them!

Do the right thing for the first time ever, state of Washington! Pay this girl’s bills, it’s your fault!

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03/05/2012 7:54AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/05/12 "Pay Her"
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