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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 02/07/13 "Flirty Tweets"

A few days ago during Group Therapy, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Leo who is having a problem with his wife and her Twitter page. His wife got a new job 6 months ago and is really enjoying it and talks about how cool her co-workers are. 

Even though Leo is happy for her, he’s noticed that she has long back and forth flirtatious conversations with one of her male co-workers on Twitter. His wife isn’t hiding these messages because they are public tweets, but they are making him uneasy. 

Some women still don’t want to admit that flirting while in a committed relationship is wrong. It is emotional cheating when a woman flirts with someone who is not her husband but those women who do that don’t admit to it. 

When women emotionally cheat, it gives some of them the same sensation as a man when he physically cheats yet a man is the only one who looks like the bad guy. 
If you want to flirt, then don’t be in a committed relationship. 

This co-worker is a jerk for flirting with a married woman; he really wants to have sex with her and I know this because no guy goes out of his way to flirt with a woman if he didn’t want to get her into bed. 

Leo mentioned that his wife 37 years old; the fact that she is publically flirting tells me that she is probably enjoying the attention and feeling attractive in the eyes of this other man so I would not be surprised if something has happened between them already.

We men don’t need women in our lives who are going to mistreat us like this so I believe Frank should put it a stop to the Twitter flirting or tell her he’s out there door.

02/07/2013 8:51AM
BJ'S BLOG 02/07/13 "Flirty Tweets"
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02/07/2013 11:08AM
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